Youth Pastor Joshua Clemons of Crossroads Community Church, Parker, Arrested for Sexual Abuse

Denver authorities arrested a former youth pastor from a Parker church on Tuesday, February 27. Joshua Clemons is facing charges of sexually assaulting a child. People from Crossroads Community Church, Parker notified authorities about Clemons’ abuse. Read all about the Joshua Clemons case here.

Youth Pastor Arrested

Joshua Clemons, 35, is a former youth pastor at Crossroads Community Church in Parker. Reports say that the church brought forth the allegations against him.

He was arrested on Tuesday following complaints that he sexually assaulted three girls. Clemons faces charges of sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust.

Amid the ongoing investigation, it was revealed that Clemons sexually assaulted at least one member of the youth group he was in charge of.

Crossroads leadership said they were told about Clemons’ relationship with a former 18-year-old member of the youth group in December 2016. He left the church in 2015.

The alleged abuse happened on campus when Clemons was a youth pastor from 2006 to high school aged children. 

Parker authorities said the Crossroads congregants were cooperative in the investigation. Previously, the community was frustrated with the lack of action against Clemons.

Reports say that congregants conveyed their frustration to church leadership in a meeting. They demanded to know why police weren’t brought in when they learned of his behavior.

However, the church said that they did inform the police at the time, but the girl was legally an adult, and Clemons didn’t break any laws. Reportedly, the former pastor claimed their relationship was consensual.

The situation took a turn on February 1, 2018. Staff at Crossroads Church learned that Clemons and the girl’s affair began before she turned 18. They also suspected that there were more victims.

While he was youth pastor, he came into contact with dozens of minors. He helped lead a summer religious camp in Estes Park and oversaw countless activities at the Parker church.

While Denver authorities investigated the matter, the church requested its members to not talk to the media.

Clemons also worked at a school in Harrington. The school assured parents that none of their kids were involved.

In the aftermath of the complaints, Crossroads Church released a statement: “In light of this situation, we are conducting a thorough review of our employment procedures and policies to ensure every safeguard is in place to protect anyone, especially young people, from any predatory behavior on our campus or at the hands of any employees or volunteers. We will remain vigilant in our efforts to prevent such behavior, and swift and firm in dealing with any situation known to us.”

Both the church and authorities are encouraging members of the community to come forth with any information on the case.