Yoselyn Ortega Wiki: Manhattan Nanny Who Allegedly Killed Two Children Faces Jurors

Yoselyn Ortega is accused of brutally murdering two children under her care five years ago. The former nanny will now be tried by a jury in New York. Who is Yoselyn Ortega? We have all you need to know.

In 2012, the Krim children killings shocked the world. Yoselyn Ortega, the kids’ nanny, allegedly stabbed Lulu and Leo to death before attempting to take her own life. Now that she will face a jury, a question hangs over the trial. If found guilty, why did she murder the children? We have a detailed background on the accused nanny in Yoselyn Ortega’s wiki.

Who Is Yoselyn Ortega?

Yoselyn “Josie” Ortega was a native of the Dominican Republic who arrived in the U.S. years ago. She became a naturalized citizen 10 years before the murders. She was 50 at the time of the crime, and worked for the Krim family for two years.

Ortega’s sister, also a nanny, introduced her to the family. The Krim matriarch, Marina was a stay-at-home mom, while her husband was an executive at CNBC. They hired Ortega to help take care of their youngest child, Leo while Marina took the older kids.

Ortega has a son, Jesus who was 17 years old at the time. She brought him to New York from the Dominican Republic roughly eight months before the killings, and enrolled him in a private school. Jesus’ father is reportedly a taxi driver in their home country.

Her relationship with the Krim family was seemingly good. She was happy being paid $18 an hour.

They paid for her trips to the Dominican Republic to see her family. They once even accompanied her there. She reportedly told a friend, Maria Lajara that she was paid well and very happy working with the family.

Yoselyn Ortega

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She Had Financial Troubles

Ortega and her son were renting an apartment in the Bronx from an acquaintance. It was not in Ortega’s name. When the owner returned, Ortega and her son were left homeless. She had no choice but to move into her sister’s crowded apartment.

She also stumbled on financial problems. A person who knew her stated that she sold makeup to make more money. But that did not work out in her favor.

Ortega reportedly asked the Krims for extra hours. They offered her extra money for her to take on additional cleaning duties. Officials claimed Ortega was not happy as a cleaning lady and resented her employers for it.

Acquaintances said that she appeared to be nervous and under a lot of stress in the days leading up to the murders. Once a cordial woman, she spoke less and avoided eye-contact.

The Horrific Crime

Marina Krim and her three-year-old daughter, Nessie were supposed to meet Ortega with Leo, 2, and Lucia, 6, at a dance studio. When her nanny and kids didn’t show up, Krim went to their Upper West Side home to check in on them.

What she found was her two children bloody in a bathtub. Ortega, upon being discovered, reportedly attempted to kill herself. The nanny stabbed herself with a kitchen knife, the same she allegedly used on the kids.

Leo and Lucia succumbed to their injuries while Ortega was taken to the hospital. She survived her self-inflicted wounds but was in no condition to be interviewed by investigators. Until then, the motive was a mystery.

She was later interviewed by law enforcement at her bedside. She could not speak because of tracheostomy apparatus in her neck. A Spanish interpreter explained the proceedings to her.

She was charged with first degree murder of Leo and Lucia Krim. She pleaded not guilty, though documents state she expressed regret over the killings.

Long Overdue Trial

Ortega rejected a plea deal and argued an insanity defense. She made over 90 pre-trial court appearances where her legal team tried to prove she was mentally unfit, and not be held responsible for the killings.

Officials claimed concerned relatives took Ortega to see a psychologist for her issues. But the increased work hours caused her to miss appointments which may have added to her woes. Her attorney argued that she suffers from delusions and didn’t understand the consequences of her actions.

However, based on the pysch-evaluation by two New York State psychiatrists, a judge deemed her mentally competent to stand for trial. She was incarcerated while she was in the hospital and now, after five years, she’s going to be tried for her crimes.

12 jurors were chosen on February 18, 2018 while Judge Gregory Carro presided. The trial will aim find out why the children killed were murdered. Ortega is facing a life behind bars if convicted.

Her mental state is the focus of the trial. She is set to make an insanity plea while prosecutors will counter it. Opening statements will be made on March 1.

The Krim parents will come face-to-face with their former nanny when they testify during the trial. They rarely spoke about the murders publicly.

Since losing their children, they became parents again to Felix and Linus, whom they raise alongside their surviving daughter, Nessie. They also started a charity, the Lulu & Leo Fund, in their children’s memory.