Winter Haven Police Arrests 14-Year-Old Student, Conner Belisle for Bringing Gun & Knives to School

A 14-year-old student has been arrested after he brought a number of weapons, including a semi-automatic pistol, to school in Winter Haven, Florida.

We have the latest on what weapons the teen brought, what he planned to do with them, and the charges laid against him.

Teen Wanted to Feel “Cool”

While it is currently unknown how school officials discovered that the 14-year-old student, identified by the city of Winter Haven’s website as Conner Belisle, came to Winter Haven Christian School with a gun and two knives in his backpack, they were quick to react by separating the teen from his backpack, and then calling police.

During his interview with police, Belisle allegedly stated that he recently began listening to rap music, and thought bringing the weapons would make him feel “cool” and “powerful.” Belisle has not cited any other reasons than those nor has any plan of attacking students been mentioned at the time of this writing.

After the interview, Belisle was taken to the Polk County Detention for Juvenile Justice. The teenager was then charged with two counts of possession of a weapon on school grounds and one felony count of possession firearm on school grounds.

Winter Haven Police Chief Charlie Bird said in regards to the arrest that: “There is absolutely no room for ‘cool’ when it involves any sort of weapon in a school with the recent events our country has endured.”

What Was He Armed with, and Where Did They Come From?

The weapons that Belisle allegedly brought with him were enough to scare any teacher or parent. He had two knives; a butterfly knife and SOG brand folding pocket knife. Both are easily opened by one hand.

He also brought a Kimel AP-9 semi-automatic pistol. With the pistol, there was also 11 rounds of ammunition. It’s a fairly light-weight gun, and is known to be fairly accurate for a semi-automatic pistol of its type.