William Strampel: What We Know about Larry Nassar’s Negligent MSU Boss

Convicted Olympic doctor, Larry Nassar’s boss has been arrested. This is everything you need to know about William Strampel, and what his current charges are.

Strampel became a bit of a controversial figure over Nassar’s trial. But who is he, and what did he do to get himself arrested? We have the information on his arrest as well as Strampel’s life and career.

Who Is William Strampel?

Dr. William Strampel is 70 years old and has been practicing medicine for 36 years. He is a pulmonologist, which is a doctor who specializes in the respiratory system. Strampel and Nassar’s lives collided at Michigan State University.

Strampel served as Dean of  Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University (MSU) from 2002 to 2017. During this period, he was Larry Nassar’s boss and as such, was in charge when a number of early complaints and reports of Nassar’s inappropriate treatments, behavior, and sexual assaults, began coming in.

Strampel and Nassar

We now know that Nassar took advantage of hundreds of victims in both his role at Michigan State, and as an official physician with the U.S. gymnastics Olympic team. But would so many people have been abused if Strampel did something about the complaints?

We learned that Nassar was abusing patients as far back as 1992, so those cannot be held over Strampel’s head. But we also know that there are a few key moments where Strampel could have been a force to stop him.

The biggest of these was in 2014. Amanda Thomashow filed a complaint against Nassar saying that he touched her vagina and breasts during a visit. Nassar told Strampel that it was part of a “cutting-edge medical procedure” and he was cleared.

As a result of that particular complaint, Stampel set out new guidelines for Nassar to follow, but he didn’t set up a way to make sure Nassar was following those guidelines. Nassar was not monitored and continued to abuse his patients.

We later learned from The Wall Street Journal that Stampel didn’t believe Nassar’s victims. In an October 2016 meeting, Strampel is alleged to have said during a meeting:

“Patients lie to get doctors in trouble. And we’re seeing that right now in the news with this Nassar stuff. I don’t think any of these women were actually assaulted by Larry, but Larry didn’t learn that lesson and didn’t have a chaperone in the room, so now they see an opening and they can take advantage of him.”

Strampel’s Departure from Michigan State, Current Charges

Strampel left Michigan State due to “medical reasons” in December 2017. At the time, he left with full tenure and still received his full salary.

But things changed last month when Michigan State began the process to strip Stampel of his position and tenure. That process was not yet complete when Stampel was arrested on March 26.

Currently, there is no word on what exactly the charges are, but the Detroit Free Press has sources saying that they consist of at least one felony, and at least a few misdemeanors. What those exact charges are is anyone’s guess at this point, but don’t be surprised if they have something to do with the Nassar investigation.