William Strampel Arrested on Four Different Charges Including Criminal Sexual Conduct

William Strampel was arrested on Monday (March 26) night. The charges have now been revealed,  and include sexual conduct charges.

Larry Nassar’s former boss had multiple charges laid against him. We have the latest on the charges against Strampel, how it’s connected to Nassar’s case, and talk about what it may mean for the future of Michigan State University.

William Strampel’s Recent Woes

William Strampel was the former Dean of the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He went on leave from the position in December 2017. But last week, Michigan State University began a process to strip Strampel of his position and tenure.

That being said, Strampel has bigger issues than worrying about his tenure. Charges against him have been laid down, and they may be directly connected to the situation with Larry Nassar.

Current Charges against William Strampel

As of Monday, William Strampel was arrested. We now know that the charges he faces include fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct, two counts of willful neglect of duty, and common law offenses. The criminal sexual conduct charges can carry sentences of five years each.

According to authorities, in 2006 or 2007, Strampel made inappropriate sexual comments to a woman at a clinic. At the school’s annual ball in 2010, Strampel squeezed a student’s buttock. Other allegations include inappropriate comments to other students.

These charges come as the attorney general of Michigan started an investigation into sexual misconduct at Michigan State in the wake of Nassar’s trial and conviction. Expect more information to come.