William Gentry: The Officer Shot in Highlands County, Florida

William Gentry was critically injured after being shot. He was airlifted to Lee Memorial Hospital, and reportedly fighting for his life. 

On Sunday (May 6) evening, Gentry and a deputy in training responded to a neighbor dispute that involved a cat who was allegedly shot. After the officers spoke to the cat’s owner, Gentry went to 234 Baltimore Way to talk to the neighbor suspected of the shooting.

There, he met 69-year-old Joseph Edward Ables at the front door. At around 7:56 p.m. Ables reportedly shot Gentry. The officer was airlifted to Lee Memorial Hospital, and is presently in critical condition. Ables is currently being detained.

Who Is William Gentry?

40-year-old Deputy William Gentry is currently a Field Training Deputy who has been with the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office for nine years and four months. His brother is also a deputy with the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office.

Wiliam Gentry Shot in Florida

Photo: Wiliam Gentry/Highlandssheriff

Handled An Animal Rescue Case

Highlands County officials once helped rescue 49 dogs. Deputy Gentry was one of the animal control officers who assisted in the rescue.

Shot in the Head

According to officials, there was no exchange of fire. Once officials arrived at the scene, Gentry was immediately transported by EMS to Placid Lake airport. From there, he was airlifted to Lee Memorial Hospital, and is in critical condition.

Officials informed Gentry’s family and transported them to the hospital to be with him.

Heartfelt Messages

After the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office detailed the shooting on their Facebook page, a lot of people posted heartfelt messages and prayers for Gentry and his family.

Prayers for William Gentry

Credits: Facebook/HighlandsCountySheriffsOffice

Many who know Gentry describe him as a very kind and nice person.