Westview High School Student Arrested: Shooting Threats Have Spiked Following the Florida School Incident

Since the Florida High School shooting, people are living in fear, especially parents who are nervous about sending their kids to school. Recently, a high school student was arrested for allegedly threatening to “shoot up” a school. Below are the details of the story.

On Tuesday, San Diego authorities arrested a student of Westview High School, who allegedly told other students that he was planning to shoot up the school on Wednesday. The threat was reported to police by the school’s staff after the student told others not to go to school that day.

Authorities revealed that many students, out of worry, reported the threat to Westview High officials. Before the school reached out to authorities, they investigated the threat on their own.

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Authorities arrested the student who made the threat and brought him to Juvenile Hall. They did not discover any weapons.

Police are still investigating the case, and no other student seems to be involved with the threat. This comes a day after somebody spray painted several threatening messages on campus of the nearby Rancho Bernardo High School.

After the Florida High school shooting, threats have spiked, with police receiving a lot of hoax calls. In the Cincinnati region and more, several schools are receiving threats from students.

Many are using social media or text messages to spread these hoaxes. In the past week, authorities in different regions arrested several students for similar threats.

Officials requested that parents to talk to students about the seriousness of making threats and statements that can be seen as threats.