Vincent Parker Arrested in Connection to Loring Sendejas’ Rape & Murder

Vincent Parker, 51, of Avondale, Arizona, was arrested Tuesday in connection with an assault on Loring Sendejas. The 33-year-old Scottsdale woman’s body was found in an alley of the Entertainment District in the early morning hours of February 5, 2018.

Parker is charged with sexual assault, endangerment, and abandonment of a dead body. He is not charged with Sendejas’ death.

Parker has been reprimanded, without bail, at the Scottsdale City Jail. He has yet to obtain a lawyer.

The break in the case came on April 6, after Parker was stopped for erratic driving and driving while under the influence during a traffic stop. The suspect admitted to consuming alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

From the DNA obtained during the traffic stop, police were able to match Parker’s DNA with that found on Sendejas’ body.

Vincent Parker; Photo: Scottsdale Police Department

Furthermore, police tracked the use of the woman’s cellphone on February 5 to Parker’s residence, as well as the white Range Rover seen on surveillance at the location where Sendejas’ body was found.

Parker admitted to being with Sendejas the night she disappeared. He claimed that the two drove back to his home, but he insisted that no sexual relations occurred due to her impaired state.

The accused claimed that as he drove her back to Scottsdale, Sendejas became unconscious. Parker said he left her on a building stairwell and went home. According to police records, Parker stated he was worried he might get in trouble, so he didn’t seek help for Sendejas.

When Sendejas was found, traces of fentanyl and ethanol were in her system, and she had a blood alcohol content of .28%. Police reports show that Sendejas did have injuries consistent with sexual assault.

Piecing Together Her Last Night

The night of February 4 saw Sendejas spending time with friends, including roommate Christina Calhoun. According to media reports, Calhoun and Sendejas left a Super Bowl party around 9:00 p.m. The women parted ways as Calhoun went home, and Sendejas left to meet friends at another Scottsdale location.

When Sendejas couldn’t be contacted the next morning, Calhoun filed a missing person’s report with police.

Loring Sendejas; Photo:

Police soon discovered that Sendejas was last seen with an unknown African-American man on local surveillance video.

A friend of Sendejas later reported that she had received a call from Sendejas in the early morning hours of February 5. The friend claimed Sendejas sounded intoxicated, and the phone call was interrupted by the voice of a man stating he would look after Sendejas before the call ended.

Court records show that after this phone call, a white SUV was captured on surveillance video in the alleyway where Sendejas’ body was later discovered. The vehicle was seen parked near the location for 35 seconds before exiting the alley near Saddlebag Trail and Camelback Road.

A few days after her body was discovered by a local businessman and identified by police, Calhoun created a GoFundMe page to collect money for funeral expenses to help Sendejas’ family.

An excerpt from the page describes Sendejas as “a light to so many lives.”

Sendejas was laid to rest on February 19, exactly two weeks after her death.