Viktoria Nasyrova Charged with Attempted Murder by Cheesecake

Sheepshead Bay, New York resident Viktoria Nasyrova has been charged with attempting to murder her lookalike with poisoned cheesecake. This is only one in a string of alleged crimes believed to have been committed by this Russian fugitive. Read on for more on this story of suspected greed, robbery, murder, and attempted identity theft.

On February 27, 2018, Sheepshead Bay, NY resident Viktoria Nasyrova was indicted for the attempted murder of a woman who simply had the misfortune of looking like her. Nasyrova allegedly tried to kill Olga Tsvyk by feeding her poisoned cheesecake.

Her goal? It’s suspected she planned to steal Tsvyk’s identity. Both women are dark-haired and have a similar complexion. Both are from Russia.

As police later found out, Nasyrova is also a fugitive from Russian justice.

On August 28, 2016, Nasyrova visited Tsvyk at her Forest Hills, Queens home for an eyelash extension repair. She came bearing cheesecake.

After eating some of the cheesecake, Tsvyk remembers feeling ill and lying down. The last thing she can recall is seeing Nasyrova sitting beside her. She passed out after that.

Two days later, Tsvyk’s landlord found her unconscious in her bed. She was dressed in intimate wear and had pills around her. The heat in the room had been cranked up.

In an interview with CBS News’ 48 Hours, the victim said, “She [Nasyrova] want to make like…suicide.”

After she was taken to hospital, Tsvyk recovered. When she returned home, the victim found that she’d been robbed of her passport, her employment authorization card, a gold ring, and some cash.

The cheesecake was tested. It was found to have phenazepam in it. The pills found with Tsvyk also contained the drug, which is produced in Russia.

Nasyrova was arrested in Brooklyn on other charges on March 20, 2017. She had Tsvyk’s passport on her at the time. Police later found the victim’s ring and employment card in the suspect’s apartment.

Viktoria Nasyrova’s Suspected Criminal History

Viktoria Nasyrova has been held at Rikers Island on charges related to the alleged drugging and robbing of men who she found through a dating site while living in New York.

Viktoria Nasyrova

Viktoria Nasyrova; Photo:

During their investigation, police also found an Interpol warrant for Nasyrova related to the October 2014 murder of Alla Alekseenko.

Alekseenko was a neighbor in Russia who Nasyrova befriended, allegedly with the intention of killing her for her mother’s inheritance money and additional cash and jewels. Before she fled Russia, Nasyrova was caught on surveillance camera with the corpse of 54-year-old Alekseenko in the passenger seat of her rental car.

“My mom in a grave and she just enjoyed her life,” Alekseenko’s daughter Nadezda Ford said to 48 Hours.

With the latest indictment over Tsvyk’s attempted murder in New York, it’s not clear if Nasyrova will remain in the American prison system or if she will be extradited to Russia to face justice for Alekseenko’s murder and other possible charges.