Video: Brooklyn Car Accident That Claimed the Lives of Two Kids

On Monday, tragedy struck the families of two small children as they were run over by an out of control driver, Dorothy Bruns, who ran a red light. The horrific moment is shown in a video where Bruns is seen in a white Volvo.

“It was something you see in a horror movie,” was the reaction of Debbie LaSalle, who was crossing the same intersection when she saw Bruns speeding past the red light.

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Right before she hits the kids, the video shows Bruns slowly trying to move past the red light though the busy street.

Abigail Blumenstein and Joshua Lew were with their moms, Ruthie Ann Blumenstein and Lauren Lew, at the Ninth St. and Fifth Ave. in Park Slope when they were hit by a white Volvo at around 12:40 p.m.

Joshua, who was in his stroller, was dragged around 100 feet down the block. His stroller was crushed under the vehicle. Lew grief-stricken, and knelt beside her son’s body to try and revive him.

Joshua was the older of Lew’s two sons, her six-month-old was not with them at the time. Four-year-old Abigail was with her pregnant mother.

Onlooker Leah Finnegan said that Abigial “was bleeding from her head. They had to cut her coat off.” She fell on her back and they were giving her CPR when the ambulance arrived.

Also ReadDorothy Bruns from Staten Island Fatally Hit Two Small Kids in Brooklyn

Officials claim that Ruthie Blumenstein’s condition was critical, but she is now stable and in the intensive-care unit at New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. Lew was also taken to the hospital in stable condition.

No charges have been pressed against Dorothy Bruns yet, as officials are still investigating the case.