United Airlines Flight Attendant under Investigation for Being Drunk on Plane, Passengers Compensated

It looks like the career of one of the United Airlines flight attendant is in jeopardy after passengers reported that she was drunk on a flight. More details are as follows.

Erika Gorman, a passenger on flight 4689 from Denver to Williston ND, tweeted photos of a flight attendant sitting in a jump seat looking disheveled, and being within inches of another passenger’s face.

Gorman’s now-deleted tweet read, “Thanks @united, for a terrifying flight!” In a separate tweet, she mentioned that during the boarding announcement, the flight attendant said, “If your seatbelt isn’t tight, you F^*%ed up. [sic]”

She added that she went to the cockpit to inform the pilot about the attendant. When they landed, police were already waiting.

Passengers Compensated

Following the incident, a spokeswoman for United issued an email apology “for any inconvenience or distress this may have caused.”

The airline also compensated the passengers as a “gesture of good will.”

When asked about details of the flight attendant, they did not respond. According to reports, she will be “held out of service” until the investigation concludes.