Two Women Found Dead in a Burning Home, Police Shoot Down Armed Suspect

Kansas City, Missouri is the site of an ongoing investigation after a shootout left one man dead, two bodies, and a burning house. This is the latest information on a story that seems to get weirder and more tragic the deeper investigators dig.

A Gunman Exits a Building, Then Exits Life

While it is currently unclear what caused the Kansas City police department to head to 7900 block of East 48th Street, what we do know is, when the PCPD arrived at 2:30 a.m., they discovered a body on the front lawn.

As police surrounded the home, a man exited the dwelling and began to fire a weapon at officers. The police returned fire, killing the man where he stood.

A Fire and Another Body

Shortly after killing the man, police began to notice smoke coming from the home. The fire department was called in to contain the fire. As they were putting out the blaze, another body was discovered.

What Happened?

Currently, the Kansas City Police Department are saying very little about the crimes that may have taken place. It is known that the two victims were women. While police have not publicly commented on their cause of death, 41KSHB reported that both victims were shot. This has been neither confirmed nor denied by KCPD.

Speaking to the press, KCPD Captain Lionel Colon made note that the situation could have been much worse had they not been able to contain the shooter.

“KCPD is saddened for the lives lost. Yet, we are thankful the active shooter situation was contained and brought to a conclusion.”

The names of the victims should be released in the near future, pending the results of a coroner’s inquest and the notification of the next of kin. In the meantime, the KCPD continues its investigation.