Video: Two Teenagers Shot at Wedgewood Community Center

Two teenagers were shot at a block party that went terribly wrong at the Wedgewood Community Center in Pensacola, Florida. And the terrifying scene was captured on cell phone video (scroll down for video). Police are now trying to find out what exactly happened and who fired the shots. 

Party Turns to Violence and Panic

According to witnesses, the Marie K. Young Wedgewood Community Center and Park parking lot was playing host to a huge block party on the evening of April 30, 2018. As many as 300 people were believed to have attended.

Unfortunately, within that group were people who weren’t just there to have a good time.

Just before 7:25 p.m., a fistfight broke out between two young males in a parking lot.

During the fight, shots suddenly began to ring out. Party-goers rushed to take cover from the bullets.

According to police, two males, one 19 years old and the other 16 years old, sustained minor injuries from the gunshots.

They were taken to Sacred Heart Hospital. The 16-year-old has since been released. As of this writing, the 19-year-old is listed in fair condition.

Much of the incident, from the fistfight to the gunshots, was captured on video.

Video of Wedgewood Shooting

The cell phone video shows two young men fighting near some cars. There seem to be quite a few bystanders.

When the sound of gunfire starts, the person shooting the video scrambles for cover, along with other people in the parking lot.

It’s a scene of panic. Many people are screaming. Midway through the video, it sounds like one woman is screaming about someone being shot.

After the shooting stops, the video appears to show one of the shooting victims on the ground, wearing a light-blue shirt and light-colored, ripped jeans. It looks like there is blood on his shirt.

He is picked up and placed in a vehicle, presumably to be taken to hospital.

The shooters do not seem to have been captured in the video footage.

Investigation into the Incident

Pensacola police are currently trying to piece together what exactly happened. They revealed that there were multiple shooters, as shell casings from multiple firearms were found at the scene.

It appears as though the party was legitimately put together, as documents were found with the signatures of Annie Walker, president of the Wedgewood Homeowners Association, as well as Shonteria Miller, the party’s organizer.

However, there was a clause in the agreement stipulating that there had to be security for the event. It is currently unknown if that clause was adhered to and, if so, how much security there was.

A spokesperson for Escambia County (which owns the center) released a statement claiming that the party organizers “misrepresented the nature of the event,” saying: “It’s extremely unfortunate that they took advantage of the volunteer organization responsible for managing programs and rentals at the community center and park.”

The statement added that the county will look into their current policies and procedures to see if there is any way to improve them, in order to help prevent an incident like this from happening again.

Did You Witness the Shooting?

As police are still trying to put together what occurred at the party, they are asking for the public’s help. If you attended the party or know anything about the shooters, you are asked to contact the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, or you can remain anonymous by contacting Crime Stoppers at (850) 433-STOP.