Two Iowa Nursing Assistants Charged after Allegedly Having Sex with Mentally Ill Patients

Two former nurses in Iowa were taken into custody. They are accused of having sexual relationships with mentally ill patients of Prairie View Residential Care Facility. Find out the details right here.

Former nursing assistants Megan Marie Penney and Paige Lynn Johanningmeier were arrested for allegedly having sexual relationships with patients of the care facility. The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office are still looking for two missing patients.

Who Are Penney and Johanningmeier?

According to their Facebook pages, both nurses have children.

Megan Penney went to West Delaware High School, and has a son. She is seemingly in a relationship.

Paige Johanningmeier is a mom of two. Her Facebook page says she went to California Forest High School, and Turkey River Saloon and Elkader Care Center before Prairie View.

She is from Maple Grove, Minnesota and was pregnant with her first child in 2014. Though her page lists that she got married in 2016, whether or not she is in a relationship is unknown. 

Why Were They Arrested?

Iowa’s Prairie View aims at giving patients with mental disabilities the best care possible. KCRG reported that two nurses (who are not current employees of the facility) began having sexual relationships with two patients who left the medical center.

On February 25, 2018, police discovered that the missing patients were last seen with two CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) women.

Iowa state CNAs are subject to background checks that include criminal history and/or registered abuse history, according to

The two nurses in question passed all the requirements, which involved two evaluations, training, examinations, and practical skills.

What Happened at the Prairie View Facility?

Penney and Johanningmeier reportedly developed feelings for the patients while they were admitted to the facility. Things allegedly turned sexual after the patients walked out of the center.

The state law says that if a therapist or school counselor is accused of sexual abuse, it is a Class D felony with up to five years in prison.

Megan Penney, 26 and Paige Johanningmeier, 23, are said to have harbored the missing patients. Later, authorities said that one patient was taken back to Prairie View but the other was taken to a Linn County hospital.

The reason behind this is still unknown.

The nurses were arrested and soon released after posting a $2,000 bond.