Turpin Family Update: Mother, Relatives Were Allegedly Sexually Abused

The Turpin family case seems to grow bigger with each passing day. Today, we look at new accusations made by Louise Turpin’s sister that may shed some light on the Turpin matriarch’s mental state. We also examine why the oldest Turpin son didn’t seek help when he was let out of the family home.

In the latest twist in the Turpin family saga, Elizabeth Flores, the sister of Louise Turpin, recently taped a segment for The Dr. Oz Show where she alleged that she, Turpin, and their cousins had been sexually abused as girls by a close relative.

Flores and her cousin Patricia claim that this family member is a well-to-do property owner who is believed to be turning 99 in 2018. He is not identified by name.

Flores speculates that the abuse Turpin suffered may have fueled the alleged mistreatment of the Turpin family’s 13 children. Police claim the children were beaten, tied up, starved, and rarely allowed to bathe.

It is not uncommon for sexual abuse victims to seek full control over aspects of their life. Flores suggests that this may be part of the reason why Turpin allegedly kept her children locked up at home. If they were locked up, she could control them.

Why Didn’t Turpin Family Son Say Anything?

A question that baffles observers following the Turpin family is: why didn’t the oldest son say something? As you may recall, the son was occasionally allowed out of the house to take some college classes. Why didn’t he tell anyone what was going on?

According to classmates, he was quiet and withdrawn. He shied away from talking to people. He came straight to class and when he was done, he left right away.

Why didn’t he tell a professor or one of his classmates what was happening to him and his siblings? Maybe he simply couldn’t. His mother drove him to and from college, often waiting out in the hall for his classes to end.

It’s also possible that the son believed there was no hope of escape. Furthermore, he might have worried that his parents would ban him from his college classesthe one freedom he had been given—if he opened his mouth.

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