Travis Air Force Base Explosion Investigated as Terror Attack as SUV Gate Crashes

A vehicle, allegedly filled with propane tanks, burst through the gates of Travis Air Force Base, crashed and exploded, killing the driver.

The air force and FBI are investigating the gate crashing as a possible terrorist attack. Here is the latest information on the attack and the events surrounding it.

Vehicle Filled with Propane Tanks

On Wednesday (March 21) at approximately 7:00 p.m., a car slowly approached a checkpoint at Travis Air Force Base. When the vehicle was waved over at the checkpoint, it continued through, eventually crashing into a median and exploding.

While it appears that none of the base personnel were hurt as part of the attack, the question still remains: Why did someone attack this Fairfield, California base?

The Investigation Continues

As the investigation continues, both the FBI and Air Force officials are being tight-lipped with details about the attack.

Officials stated that the driver of the vehicle was a civilian, not a member of the Air Force. We also know that no shots were fired, either by the driver or by Air Force personnel.

The cause of the explosion has also not been revealed, but there are reports stating that the vehicle was filled with propane tanks.

Currently, investigators are looking at all angles to the case, including the idea that this may have been a terrorist attack of some sort.

The only person injured in the incident was the driver, who was pronounced dead at the scene.