VIDEO: Gonzalo Barajas Arrested in Santa Ana for Assault with Deadly Weapon & Armed Robbery

Gonzalo Barajas from California was arrested by Santa Ana police on May 3 for assault with a deadly weapon and armed robbery. The suspect was caught in the act by surveillance cameras in one of the stores he robbed. Watch the video of the armed robbery below.

Suspect Caught for Armed Robbery

On Thursday, Gonzalo Barajas, 22, went on a crime spree before he was caught. Santa Ana Police released details about his arrest, along with footage from one of the robberies caught on camera.

Watch the video of Barajas robbing a gas station at gunpoint below:

Santa Ana PD tweeted about Barajas’ crime spree on Thursday. In a press release, police said that the suspect lived in the 600 block of S. Ross.

Barajas reportedly left his residence at 1:30 p.m. local time. He was armed with a deadly assault-style rifle. He then went about committing a series a crimes at multiple locations.

The suspect first brandished his rifle at two Edison employees at 625 S. Ross, before doing the same at an O’Reilly’s Auto Parts on 1015 S. Main. He also brandished his weapon at NunosBros Market on 1206 S. Standard.

Barajas then went to the 76 Gas Station on 1502 E. Edinger where he was caught on the surveillance cameras. Clad in a dark Rick & Morty t-shirt, hat, and sunglasses, Barajas seemingly arrived as a customer first, and left.

He returned a couple minutes later, this time threateningly holding a rifle. Barajas robbed the place at gunpoint, and left after taking the cash.

After robbing the gas station, he brandished his weapon at two places in the 1400 S. Auto Mall Drive.

Police Release Description of Suspect

Santa Ana PD released a description of the suspect involved in the crime spree to other police departments. They also provided a description of the vehicle he was driving, including the license plate number.

Tustin PD received a call about a male who fit the description inside a BMW in the Kensington Park Drive area. The suspect appeared to be possibly armed with a rifle, and the vehicle matched the description by Santa Ana PD.

Before police arrived on scene, Barajas reportedly threatened customers inside a Target and PetSmart. He was finally caught by Santa Ana PD after a vehicle pursuit.

It was Barajas’ mother who reportedly convinced him to surrender. Police urged her to call and ask him to turn himself in.

Barajas was caught and is being held in Santa Ana jail. The rifle retrieved from him was not loaded. There are no reports of shots being fired, either.