Todd McArthur, Son of Bruce McArthur: What We Know So Far

Bruce McArthur, who allegedly killed five men in January near Toronto’s Gay Village, has a son, Todd McArthur. Like his father, Todd also had a brief run-in with the law. Recently, Todd was seen going to the Oshawa court on different charges.

Currently, the news of Toronto serial killer Bruce McArthur is ruling the Internet. Bruce was arrested in January on the charges of killing five gay men. As of now, he is in police custody, and authorities are investigating the case. Bruce’s son, Todd McArthur, was seen attending a court in Oshawa on Thursday (February 8).

Bruce McArthur’s Wife and Kids

By 1986, Bruce was married and living with his then-wife, Janice, and two kids, Melanie and Todd, in suburban Oshawa. Currently, Todd lives in the Durham Region, and his sister, Melanie, is married with a daughter.

When Todd was 17, Janice and Bruce decided to separate. However, Todd was still close to his parents and had a healthy relationship with both of them.

Todd McArthur Involved in a Phone Call Case

When Todd was a teenager, he started making indecent and obsessive phone calls to unknown females. In the recent years, reportedly, Todd has been charged with several convictions including making obscene phone calls and also harassment.

In 2014, after Todd admitted that he made several indecent phone calls to a random woman in her office, he was sentenced to 14 months in jail. Todd called up the woman and made sexual comments and also asked her if she was wearing panties.

He was already on probation because of two similar charges when he committed that crime. Todd’s lawyer explained to the court that he was diagnosed with “telephone scatalogia” and that he was being treated for the same for almost 10-15 years.

Sources claim that Todd also threatened the woman that he would post naked photos of her. The victim has not been named, but her current partner claims that she had to change her name following Todd’s threats.

At the hearing, Todd was warned that if he committed the same crime, he would be sent to federal prison. However, last fall, Todd was charged with obscene telecommunication, breach of probation, and criminal harassment. Todd was released on bail and was asked to live with his father.

Is He Involved in the Crime Committed by His Father?

As of now, no information suggests Todd could be related to his father’s crimes. Although he had a positive relationship with his father, Bruce, investigators didn’t find Todd’s involvement in the crimes committed by Bruce.

Where Is He Now and What Is He Doing?

Thirty-seven-year-old Todd McArthur appeared at an Oshawa courthouse on Thursday. However, he came to the court for a different case. Outside the courtroom, Todd said, “We’ve been through enough. We’re also victims. We’ve been through too much. It’s been hell. No more comment.”

Todd and the two women arrived at the 150 Bond St. Courthouse on Thursday afternoon, February 8. He came for a small hearing in matters related to his bail.

On February 14, 2018, Bruce McArthur was set to appear in court because of the additional charges made against him.

Family Trouble After All?

The relationship between Bruce McArthur and his son, Todd, appeared to be amicable. But an interview with one of Bruce’s former acquaintances, published in late February 2018, suggests otherwise.

Robert James frequented many of the same spots as Bruce in the predominately gay community of Church-Wellesley Village, mostly cafes and bars. The pair developed a friendly rapport.

James said Bruce spoke openly of his strained relationship with son Todd. “(McArthur) told me his son didn’t accept the fact that he was gay,” the one-time House of Lords hairdresser told the Toronto Sun.

According to James, the tension between the two was unmistakable.

He added that the landscaper wasn’t “really out” at the time and was struggling with his newfound identity, though James admitted he was warned by locals to stay away from the elder McArthur. Even then, James said, Bruce McArthur had a reputation in what’s known as the Gay Village for his “terrible temper.”