South Carolina Serial Killer Todd Kohlhepp Claims There Are More Victims

Todd Kohlhepp, a serial killer convicted of seven murders, has written a cryptic letter to a South Carolina newspaper saying he has more victims who have not been discovered.

Todd Kohlhepp’s Criminal History

Todd Kohlhepp, 46, captured the attention of many people when he was arrested in 2016. In many ways, he fits the typical profile of a serial killer: white, male, and middle-aged. He is also one of the first serial killers known to impersonate a victim on social media.

His committed his first crime at age 15, when he kidnapped and raped a 14-year-old girl in Tempe, Arizona. He pleaded guilty to a kidnapping charge and was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 1987. Kohlhepp was released in 2001.

His first known murder victims were killed in 2003, when Kohlhepp shot four employees at Superbike Motorsports in Chesnee, South Carolina. The victims were identified as Scott Ponder, 30, Brian Lucas, 30, Chris Sherbert, 26, and Beverly Guy, 52.

In 2015, Kohlhepp murdered his next two victims, Johnny Joe Coxie, 29, and Meagan Leigh McCraw-Coxie.

This was followed by the disappearance of another couple in 2016, Charles David Carver, 32, and Kala Brown, 30. Kohlhepp fatally shot Carver, but Brown was eventually rescued after two months in captivity.

Kohlhepp was arrested in November 2016 and later plead guilty to seven counts of murder, two counts of kidnapping, and one count of criminal sexual assault. He was sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.

Does Todd Kohlhepp Have More Victims?

Todd Kohlhepp has gone back and forth on whether there may be more undiscovered victims of his crimes. After he was arrested, Kohlhepp told his mother that the authorities had found all of his victims. During an interrogation, however, Kohlhepp claimed to have shot a man in Arizona.

Investigators are also investigating Kohlhepp for a 2003 bank robbery and triple homicide at a Blue Ridge Savings Bank in Greer, South Carolina.

Brown says that Kohlhepp told her his body count was approaching triple digits. And most recently, Kohlhepp wrote an eight-page letter to the Spartanburg Harold-Journal claiming that he has more victims.

“Yes, there is more than seven. I tried to tell investigators and I did tell FBI, but it was blown off. It’s not an addition problem, it’s an [sic] multiplication problem. Leaves the state and leaves the country. Thank you private pilot’s license.”

Kohlhepp also makes it clear in the letter that he isn’t interested in helping police find them. “At this point, I really don’t see any reason to give numbers or locations,” he wrote.

So is Kohlhepp telling the truth or is he lying for attention? Currently, there are no answers, but there is a long gap between his slayings from 2003 to 2015. And serial killers tend not to take that long of a break.