Three Men from Memphis, Tennessee Arrested for Raping a Minor and Posting Video on Facebook

Three men from Memphis, Tennessee are behind bars after allegedly sexually assaulting a minor and posting the video on Facebook.

After raping a minor and posting a video of the attack on social media, three men are in custody. According to Sandy Bromley, director at Shelby Co Rape Crisis Center, actions like these can prolong the feeling of humiliation and victimization for the victim. The 17-year-old victim must deal with the rape itself, and the realization that the situation was aired online for many more to see.

Chain of Events

Antun Hester, Martin Milan (age 19), and Rayford Smith were charged Wednesday (March 21) with aggravated rape, and aggravated exploitation of a 17-year-old, after the young woman reported the incident. According to reports, she told police that she invited Milan to come over to have sex, and when he asked if he could bring his “brother” she denied his request via text message. However, when Milan arrived, Hester and Smith came along. The victim allowed them inside, but made it clear she was only interested in sleeping with Milan and asked the other men to wait elsewhere.

Shortly after, Smith and Hester entered her room, raped her, and Smith allegedly recorded it all on his phone and posted it on Facebook. The victim hid in her grandmother’s bedroom after the attack.

Police Investigation

According to reports, Smith denied having sex with the teen, but admitted to recording the video. Later, Smith said Hester was the one who first walked into the room to rape the teen. Milan confirmed the accounts, and Hester chose to invoke his Miranda Rights. Officers confirmed the texts between the teen and Milan were true. They confirmed she told Milan “no” to inviting his “brother,” and found the recorded video on Smith’s cellphone.