Terre Haute Teenager, Nathan Derickson Charged with Homicide in Reckless Shooting

A 19-year-old boy is in jail, and another man is dead after a party filled with booze turned deadly.

We have the latest on this breaking story of a small party that turned into the scene of a murder.

One Party, One Man Dead

In Vigo County, Indiana, police received a call at approximately 1:30 a.m. in regards to an individual who was shot in the home of the caller.

When police arrived, the person who was shot died. The officers quickly rounded up a number of people who were present in the home, and took them to the Vigo County Sheriff’s Office in order to be interviewed.

A Gun Is Flashed

After speaking with a number of the guests, details of the party began to emerge. According to police, it was a small gathering, but one that consisted of drinking, including some guests that were underage. Late into the evening, 19-year-old Nathan G. Derickson of Terre Haute, Indiana, produced a firearm.

Derickson allegedly waved the gun around and, at some point, pointed it at the victim. Currently, Derickson is being charged with reckless homicide and is scheduled to be in court Thursday (March 29) morning.

The victim remained unidentified due to next of kin notification being completed.