Telford Grooming Scandal: Pedophile Grandfather, Shahzad “Keith” Khan Sold Telford Girls for £2,000 a Night

The Telford grooming scandal allegations became even more spectacular as Shahzad “Keith” Khan has been accused of horrible crimes as the supposed leader of the pedophile ring before his death in 2015.

We’ll look at these allegations, and how they affect the ever-widening scope of the Telford grooming scandal.

A Grandfather Pimping Underage Girls

A number of stories have appeared in the wake of the Telford grooming scandal. From the story of Lucy Lowe and her murder through arson at the hands of Azhar Mehmood, to the number of the alleged victims. But that latest involving Shahzad “Keith” Khan is frightening.

Khan, who was a grandfather by the time he passed away in 2015, is accused of being a leader of the pedophile ring that groomed many girls into being underage sex toys for older men.

According to the stories now circulating, Khan groomed these underage girls into sex work in a number of different ways. Once the girls were roped in, they were kept there often through the use of fear and drug addiction.

Nine Men in One Night

Among the accusations that surfaced comes a particularly brutal sounding story. A woman, who is now in her 30s, alleged that Khan came to her and suggested that because she already had a “reputation,” she “might as well get paid for it.”

The girl, who was 14 years old at the time, alleged that Khan took her virginity and then, over the next three years, traded her for money, often making up to £2,000 a night. She was reportedly forced to service multiple men in one night.

Eventually, the girl managed to escape after a suicide attempt via drug overdose. The overdose allowed her to escape to Birmingham, where she was out from under Khan’s control.

Taking Advantage of the Situation

Another victim claimed that Khan knew that she developed a heroin addiction and used that addiction to his advantage.

Knowing that she would do anything for a fix, Khan began to turn her out. As she told the Daily Mirror:

“Keith knew other men had got me into drugs and that I’d do anything for a fix so he started to sell me. It turns my stomach to think of some of the disgusting men he forced me to have sex with.”

Did Anyone Know?

It is alleged that Khan began these dirty deeds soon after arriving in England from Pakistan in 1981. But if he was at it for so many years, how did he not get caught? Did no one report him?

The first victim mentioned in this piece went to police in 2010 and spoke to officers involved with Operation Chalice, the project that eventually snagged a few members of the pedophile ring in Telford.

Unfortunately, Khan was never prosecuted for the alleged crimes, despite still being alive when the initial Operation Chalice trials took place.