Tampa Police Shot While Serving Warrant: Suspect Arrested, Officer Expected to Survive

A Tampa, Florida police officer was shot several times while serving a warrant. Luckily, the suspect has been caught and the officer is expected to live.

This is the latest news in regards to Officer Rich Lehr and the man who shot him, Walter Jeziorski.

Serving a Warrant

Officer Rich Lehr, who has been serving in the Tampa police department since June 2008, was serving a warrant at the Hubert Avenue Villa Apartments, in the 4605 block of W Hubert Avenue, with his partner Leigh Smith.

The undetermined warrant was to be served to 35-year-old Walter Richard Jeziorski, who began to open fire.

Shots Fired

Jeziorski opened fire on the two officers and a gunfight quickly began. During the volley of shots, Lehr was hit multiple times. The firefight eventually ended in part due to Jeziorski calling his mother, who convinced him to put his gun down and surrender.

Jeziorski, who has been in trouble with the law numerous times for battery and domestic violence, surrendered without further incident. Lehr was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital and is in good condition. Smith, who has been with the department for three years, received minor injuries.