Suspected Austin Bomber Killed in Police-Involved Shooting

Update: Austin Police Chief Manley confirmed that suspect in Austin bombings has been killed. Surveillance teams tracked the suspect’s vehicle to a hotel in Round Rock. The suspect set off a bomb inside the vehicle as SWAT teams closed in, killing himself and injuring a SWAT member. The suspect hasn’t been positively identified yet. So far, it’s confirmed that the bomber is a 24-year-old white male. More details will be updated after the medical examiner completes the report. The suspect’s motive or if he was working alone hasn’t been disclosed yet. It’s also not known if the suspect sent out more package explosives.

The serial bomber that had Austin, Texas gripped by fear has reportedly been killed in an officer-involved shooting. After four package explosions in the Texas capital, Austin police declared a serial bomber was at large. Initial details about the suspect haven’t been confirmed yet. Here’s what’s known about the Austin Bomber reportedly killed.

Suspected Bomber Killed

Just before 3:00 a.m. local time on March 21, an officer-involved shooting on Interstate 35 in Round Rock near Old Settlers Boulevard was reported. The shooting reportedly stopped traffic along the highway.

The suspect’s death in this shooting has ties with the Austin explosions, reports say. Several FBI agents gathered at the shooting site. The FBI was one of several law enforcement agencies that joined the Austin police in this investigation.

Early reports don’t explain how the suspect died. According to some accounts, the alleged bomber blew himself up with his own homemade explosive device.

After four explosions in the city that killed two and injured several others, a fifth package bomb exploded in a San Antonio FedEx facility. The package was reportedly bound for Austin.

Law enforcement found surveillance footage of a man dropping off two packages at a FedEx store in Austin. One of the packages exploded in San Antonio. The person in the footage appeared to be a white male wearing a wig.

Hours after the fifth explosion, a Reddit user claimed to be the Austin Bomber and was taking questions. The user claimed his intention was to simply “watch the world burn.” Reddit suspended the user’s account.

Authorities reportedly tracked down the suspect using his cell phone activity, security tapes, and receipts from shops.

Details about the suspect haven’t been confirmed. More will be known after the Austin police hold a press briefing.