Suspect on the Loose in Detroit Wanted in Carjacking, Stabbing, and Armed Robbery

Authorities in Detroit are searching high and low for a suspect at large wanted for a stabbing, carjacking and armed robbery. More details on the case are below.

On Tuesday (April 3) night, a woman was shot at a Salvation Army store in Canton. This robbery prompted a manhunt and “shelter-in-place” for Northville Township. The woman was shot on Joy Road and immediately rushed to the hospital.

Initially, authorities thought that the suspect was the same man who ran away from police custody on Monday evening; he was held as a person of interest in a stabbing case. However, officials since claimed that these are two different men, and both are at large in Highland Park.

Currently, authorities are investigating a carjacking and attempted carjacking in the same area. The suspect reportedly fled the scene and crashed at Sheldon and Five Mile Road.

He also fled that scene and stole a woman’s car, forcing her at gunpoint to drive to Highland Park, then kicking her out. 

Residents were asked to stay inside and call 911 if they see any suspicious activity. Police described the suspect as an African-American man, around 50 years old, standing at 5’10”,  and weighs around 170 pounds.

The suspect was wearing a gray hoodie under a green jacket. Officials warn that he is armed and dangerous.

In a recent developmentauthorities removed the “shelter-in-place” for different areas of Northville and Canton after believing the suspect is now in the Detroit/Highland Park area.

The intersection of Five Mile Road and Sheldon is closed to repair a gas leak. Highland Park authorities confirmed that the case is now in their jurisdiction. Michigan State Police are also involved in the search.