Famous Trauma Surgeon Dr. Dean Lorich Found Dead in Suspected Suicide

Renowned trauma surgeon Dr. Dean Lorich was discovered dead with a knife in his chest in a suspected suicide on December 10, 2017.

He was found lying face up on the bathroom floor by his 11-year-old daughter in their Manhattan apartment. Lorich, 54, was the associate director of Orthopedic Trauma Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery and a professor at Weill Cornell Medical College.

What Exactly Happened to Dean Lorich?

Dean Lorich was at home with his daughter on the day of his death. Sometime in the afternoon, his daughter found his body. At the time, Lorich’s wife was out playing tennis.

Upon discovering the body of her father, the 11-year-old informed the doorman, who then called 911. Emergency responders formally pronounced him dead.

His death is being treated as a suicide. The police said they didn’t see any signs of forced entry in the apartment. They added that Lorich was “under some personal stress.”

A police source said that Lorich had been stripped of his privileges to practice at New York-Presbyterian Hospital just days before his death. It is not known if Lorich was taking medication or if he was suffering from depression.

One of his colleagues was heartbroken to hear the news about his death. She reportedly cried and said, “This is horrible, this is horrible. I don’t believe this.”

Famous for Treating Bonohorrible

Dean Lorich was well-known for treating U2 front man Bono in 2014 after the singer was severely hurt in a cycling accident in Central Park. The star lost control of his bicycle when he swerved to avoid a collision with another cyclist. Bono fell on his face, fracturing his elbow, shoulder, and eye socket.

Another one of Lorich’s patients, Matt Long, who was run over by a bus, said, “He was a good doctor and a good man. He saved and helped so many people. He gave me back my life, and my family and I are all devastated.

“He came to my wedding. He was part of my life… This guy did so much for me. He sacrificed his whole life to help other people, and I happen to be one of them.”

The investigation into Lorich’s death is ongoing.