Steven Paul Bulin from Alexander City Arrested in Sexual Abuse of a Girl under 12

Alabama police have arrested a 43-year-old man for allegedly sexually abusing a child under 12.

This is all the current information on the Alexander City man who was charged, the charges he is facing, and when the investigation began.

Allegations Made by a Relative

The investigation into 43-year-old Steven Paul Bulin began in mid-March after a relative of the victim filed a complaint against him. With the complaint, forensic interviews were set up in conjunction with the DHR and Tri-County Advocacy Center.

At the end of the forensic interviews, it was clear to investigators that there was enough to gain an arrest warrant.

The Accused and the Victim

Bulin was brought to Tallapoosa County Jail where he currently sits on a bond that was initially set at $25,000. He has no prior convictions for anything beyond a traffic offense.

Details on the victim are being kept under wraps, in part due to the nature of the investigation, but also due to the victim’s age. Officials said that the victim was a female under the age of 12.

Bulin’s next court date has yet to be set.