Steven C. Touch, One of Massachusetts’ Most Wanted, Found in a Drawer

Steven C. Touch, a suspected Massachusetts gang member who ran from the law for years, has been arrested for his alleged part in a fatal home invasion. And you won’t believe where they found him.

It’s believed that on July 2, 2012, Steven C. Touch was one of four men who took part in a home invasion at 795 Boston Road in Billerica, Massachusetts. The men were looking for cash and marijuana.

The two men inside the home, Quintin Koehler, 22, and his brother, put up a fight. Koehler was shot in the head and killed.

Peter Bin, Jason Estabrook, and Adam Bradley were arrested and convicted of murder for Koehler’s death.

But Touch, an alleged leader of the Young Bloods gang, went on the run. He allegedly provided transportation to the site of the home invasion.

Touch was added to the Massachusetts State Police’s “Most Wanted” list. The FBI offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.

Steven C. Touch Sheltered by Family

Where did Steven C. Touch go? Not very far. In fact, he was found in the neighborhood he was thought to have fled.

On January 30, 2018, police searched the home of Touch’s immediate family members in Lynn, Massachusetts. They found Touch hiding in a drawer built into a bed.

The FBI released a statement confirming that no one had earned the reward money. This indicates that it was a law enforcement investigation that led to Touch’s capture.

Touch has been ordered held without bail. He is charged with murder, home invasion, attempt to commit armed robbery, and conspiracy.

He will be back in court on March 23.

Touch’s lawyer said it’s unfair his client was put on the Most Wanted list.

“No one has ever presented to me any evidence that this is a leader of a gang,” defense attorney John Morris told Fox 25 Boston.