Nanette Krentel’s Husband Stephen Krentel Wiki: Facts about the Former Fire Chief

The burned body of 49-year-old Nanette Krentel was found on July 14, 2017. Upon investigation, it was revealed that Nanette had actually been shot in the head. Her husband is still distraught over her unsolved death. Here are some details about him in this Stephen Krentel wiki.

Nanette’s death is the subject of a third-season episode of Investigation Discovery’s People Magazine Investigates.

About Stephen Krentel
SpouseNanette Krentel
JobFormer Fire Chief
Age50 Years

The fire started in Nanette and Stephen Krentel’s house on Phillip Smith Road north of Lacombe, Louisiana. Nanette’s body was found in the rubble.

However, autopsy results revealed that Nanette hadn’t died of the fire but of a gunshot wound to her head. Two months later, Stephen was ruled out as a suspect in Nanette’s death.

Currently, 50-year-old Stephen and Nanette’s family are desperate to find out who murdered her. The renewed focus on the case by People Magazine Investigates may bring some closure to the family.

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The loss of his wife was only the start of Stephen’s troubles. After Nanette’s death, Stephen also faced some problems on the job.

Stephen Krentel Considered a Suspect in His Wife’s Murder

When they found the body of Nanette Krentel, she had been shot in the head. The coroner’s office ruled her death to be a homicide. Initially, Stephen Krentel was considered a suspect in her murder.

However, in September 2017 he was ruled out as a suspect by officials. St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Randy Smith said that during the investigation, Stephen was very cooperative. Reportedly, Stephen submitted to a polygraph test.

Stephen said in an interview that he was very frustrated because there had been no progress in the case. He also mentioned that he had met several of the investigators.

Stephen said, “Every time I have done that, I walk away feeling that they are actively investigating and looking at every possible angle and every new lead regardless of what source they get it from.”

He further added, “When I leave, I do feel better. I don’t know if it’s because I have to believe it or I choose to believe it, but I do have faith in all the agencies.”

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Stephen Krentel Demoted from His Job as Fire Chief

After Stephen was ruled out as a suspect, the fire district where he worked as chief started an internal investigation into his conduct.

The investigation began because firefighter Tom Williamson filed a complaint accusing Stephen of wrongdoing, including stealing equipment on the job, having an affair with an underling, and threatening employees who he thought had betrayed him.

In May 2018, the board of commissioners for St. Tammany Parish’s Fire District 12 demoted Stephen to chief of administration.

The next week, the board suspended him for 60 days without pay and told him to reimburse the fire department $600.00 after the investigation revealed that Stephen had engaged in an improper sexual relationship with two employees and wrongly disposed of the department’s equipment.

The board found out that Stephen, without informing anyone, had taken air-conditioning units from ambulances that were used in the district ’s ambulance service.

Stephen said that he took parts off the air-conditioning units to give them to his friend. He said, “They were in a surplus state. We were getting rid of them anyway.”

Stephen maintained that both sexual relationships were consensual. One happened 10 years earlier and the other occurred two years earlier.

The board announced that there was no merit to the other accusations made by Williamson. Williamson appealed the board’s ruling, saying Stephen had committed offenses that warranted firing.

Stephen Krentel Announces His Retirement

Stephen Krentel announced his retirement from St. Tammany Parish Fire Protection District No. 12 on June 21, 2018. In his resignation letter, he wrote, “As you know, the last year has brought significant tragedy in my personal life and great challenges as an employee at STPFPD No. 12. It is therefore necessary and appropriate for me to announce my retirement from our agency.”

His retirement from the fire service was effective on September 1, 2018.