Stephanie Ferri Wiki: The Florida Teacher Accused of Having Sex with a 14-Year-Old

Yet another teacher has been accused of having sex with an underage student. This time, the arrest news comes to us from Florida, regarding a teacher named Stephanie Ferri. To give you a better idea of the accusations, we’ve prepared a Stephanie Ferri wiki. 

Stephanie Ferri was arrested in Volusia County, Florida on February 28, 2018 on several charges related to her illegal sexual relationship with a minor, who happened to be one of her students. In our Stephanie Ferri wiki, we’ll take a look at everything we currently know about the teacher. From where she taught to what the charges against her are, we’ll get you up to date on this situation.

The Basics on Stephanie Ferri

Details on Ferri’s personal life are still coming forward, but here’s we know at the moment. Her full name is often listed as Stephanie Peterson Ferri, as Ferri is her married name and Peterson is her maiden name. Her father, Phillip Peterson, is a lawyer based in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Her husband is named Brandon Ferri. He’s a firefighter in DeLand, Florida. The couple married on December 5, 2015. However, it was revealed that the two are in the process of splitting up, as divorce papers were filed on February 15, 2018. Her father is currently representing her in the divorce proceedings.

Teaching Career

Stephanie Ferri began teaching in Volusia County in 2010 as a substitute. She became a reading teacher at Creekside Middle School in 2013 in Port Orange, Florida. In 2016, she joined the staff at New Smyrna as a science teacher.

Sexual Relationship with a Student

According to detectives, Ferri began her inappropriate sexual relationship with the eighth-grade student in November 2017. The relationship actually began with the two spending time together in her classroom, talking, while the teen was in seventh grade. But it turned sexual with communications done through Instagram when he was 14. It reportedly moved from there to sexual activity shortly thereafter.

According to the student, he often snuck out of the house at night and Ferri picked him up. They had sex in the driveway while in her car, and inside her home while her husband was working. They also had sex in a barn near the student’s home.

The student also claimed that Ferri provided him with marijuana and something to smoke it in. The teacher is also alleged to have sent naked photos of herself to the teen via Snapchat.

The Charges against Ferri

The “affair” was eventually discovered when a male teacher called asking to mentor the eighth grader. One of his parents thought it was a little weird and apparently made an off-hand comment asking if the male teacher was going to molest the student. It was at this point the student broke down and spoke of the sexual relationship with Ferri.

Stephanie Ferri is currently charged with two counts of lewd or lascivious battery and one count of transmission of harmful materials to a minor. She was arrested Wednesday morning.

You can see Ferri’s first court appearance here:

Ferri no longer works at New Smyrna. According to school officials, she resigned from her position on Monday citing “personal reasons.” According to detectives, Ferri was trying to contact the student via phone as late as last Friday.

As with any case of this nature, detectives fear there may be more victims. If you have any information on that may help police or if you are a victim willing to come forward, you are urged to call the Sheriff’s Office’s Child Exploitation Unit at 386-323-3574.