Teens Missing from Hamden, Silver Alerts Issued

In shocking news, four teens were reported missing which led to the Hamden PD in Connecticut to issue Silver Alerts. The police department is reaching out to anyone who can help locate the kids who went missing from Hamden. Find out more.

The Hamden Police Department is doing everything they can to find four missing teenagers. Here are the details you might need to help the police figure out their whereabouts.

The Missing Teens 

#1. Angel Lozada, 14, was described by the Hamden P.D. as a 5’2” tall, white male with brown hair. Lozada weighs 120 pounds and was last seen wearing white shoes and a red jacket.

#2. Alexander Kilgore, 15 is a 5’5” tall white male weighing 115 pounds. He has brown hair, but there was no description of his clothes given.

#3. Tyish Smith, 16, is a black male weighing 130 pounds. He is 5’6” and has brown eyes and black hair.

#4. Mickey Quinones, 17 is a 5’6” tall white female weighing 130 pounds. She has brown eyes and brown hair and was last seen wearing black sweatpants and a black jacket.

There are no pictures of the teens circulated.

How To Contact the Police?

In case you find any of the teens described above, you can call the helpline 203-230-4000. This is the number of the Hamden Police Department.

You can also chat with the Hamden PD by going to the website www.hamdenpd.com or contact them on social media.

The Hamden P.D. Twitter handle is @HAMDENPOLICECT, and on Instagram, the officials use hamdenpolicect as their address.

All this being said, in emergency cases like these, it’s always better to contact the police department via phone.