A Shooting in Salinas Leaves One Man Dead, 2 Gunmen on the Run, and Police Investigating Gang Involvement

A 32-year-old man was found shot to death in Salinas, California, and police are looking into a possible reason behind his murdered. We have the latest news and information on the shooting and suspects.

Shooting at Eisenhower and Arthur

On Sunday, March 4, 32-year-old Gabriel Avalos was speaking to a friend near the streets of Eisenhower and Arthur. While in conversation, two men reportedly walked up to Avalos and his friend and drew guns from their waistbands. The gunmen fired at both men, hitting Avalos multiple times.

At approximately 12:15 p.m., officers went responded to ShotSpotter reports of gun activities in the Eisenhower and Arthur, followed by a number of phones calls reporting that someone was shot. By the time police arrived, Avalos was dead at the scene.

What We Know about the Suspects and Crime

Currently, police are working on the case but little was currently made known about the suspects. It is thought that both gunmen ran east on Eisenhower Street toward Barcley Drive. After that point, however, the trail for the two men goes cold.

Given the nature of the shooting, police have looked into any gang ties that Avalos and his friend may have, but now ruled out their involvement in gangs or gang-related activity. Currently, the investigation is ongoing.

What Is ShotSpotter?

Many people may be unaware of what ShotSpotter is. It is a company that created a technological system to detect gunfire. The idea is that ShotSpotter can augment gunshot reporting and may even respond quicker than 911 callers.

This is done through a combination of gunshot sensors placed around city neighborhoods. They are sent to a center where ShotSpotter software and people can quickly assess the data provided by the sensors, and then immediately notify law enforcement officials.