Sheriff Scott Israel’s Wiki: Broward County Sheriff Makes a Spirited Plea to Florida Shooting Survivors

CNN’s Town Hall brought the Florida shooting survivors, the NRA, Florida lawmakers, and the police together to talk about gun rights. Sheriff Scott Israel of Broward County spoke about the massacre that happened in his jurisdiction on February 14.

The outraged residents and survivors of the Florida massacre took on Florida lawmakers and the NRA in CNN’s Town Hall on February 21. Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, was on the panel and he was the winner of the night. His powerful speech to the students who survived Nikolas Cruz’s rampage has struck a chord with many. Find out all about his Town Hall appearance and more in Scott Israel’s wiki.

Where Is Scott Israel from?

Scott J. Israel was raised in New York City and is the sheriff of Broward County with the county seat in Fort Lauderdale. After graduating with a Bachelors degree in political science from Cortland State University in 1977, he attended the FBI National Academy.

According to the sheriff’s office website, he’s qualified in “Advanced Tactical Management for Commanders; WMD Incident Management/Unified Command SWAT Manager’s Advanced Course; SWAT Supervisor’s Advanced Tactics and Management; Southern Police Institute; Broward County Institute of Criminal Justice, with honors.”

His family has been in law enforcement for years. His father was a homicide detective with the New York Police Department.

He has almost four decades of experience in the police force, having risen through the ranks. He worked as a narcotics detective, was the head of a SWAT team, and has served as police chief in another town.

He was part of the famous squad of police who took down drug trade in Fort Lauderdale in the ‘80s.

Is Sheriff Israel a Democrat?

Israel has been demanding gun control to prevent mass violence, and that has earned him opposition from political factions. But he has some political clout, so he’s an outspoken voice nonetheless.

He lost the 2008 sheriff’s elections to Al Lamberti who had infamous Republican operative Roger Stone working on his campaign. But in 2012, Stone switched loyalties to Israel and helped him in the 2012 election.

Stone helped Israel win the 2012 election, but their partnership is an anomaly. Because Israel switched to Democrat in 2007 and contested on the Democratic ticket. Stone, though a staunch Republican supporter, has high regard for Israel.

They demonstrate mutual respect for each other’s work, but Stone wasn’t needed in Israel’s campaign again. His work in the county had earned him all the support he needed, and he easily won the 2016 reelection.

He’s also the first Jewish sheriff in Florida history. However, he talks very little about his faith. In his 2016 reelection, he did bring up his faith but didn’t dwell on it much.

His wife is a Christian, and their triplets have grown up in both faiths. In an interview, Israel said that he attends both synagogues and churches but that he prefers to keep his faith a private matter.

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He Wants Stricter Gun Reforms

The Florida massacre wasn’t Israel’s first time dealing with a shooting. He has been part of the gun control debate for years. He especially called for stricter reforms after the January 2017 shooting at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

The shootings had close ties with Israel’s family. His sister-in-law was present at the airport when a gunman opened fire. His triplets once attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School long before Nikolas Cruz went on a rampage in February 2018.

He has publicly stated time and again that he doesn’t want mentally ill people to have guns. He listed the same appeal when he appeared on CNN’s Town Hall Wednesday.

He repeatedly stood up to Dana Loesch, the NRA spokeswoman, at the debate. His responses to her won him a standing ovation from the crowd.

But he won everyone over with his emotional appeal to the students who survived the shooting. In his spirited speech, he told the students “You’re articulate, you’re intelligent. You will not quit.” He said he saw the crime scene after it happened and thought, “never again.”

He proposed reforms to increase safety, but in the end, he said that it was up to the people to make the change. So he appealed to the students, “I’m an honest sheriff. … My generation — we did not get it done. You will get it done. America is watching you.”

“You have a voice. Stay together. God bless you. Godspeed. And you will get it done,” he said at the end which was met with applause and a standing ovation.

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