Sheldon Jeter Jr.: Know More About Murdered Teacher, Rachael DelTondo’s Alleged Boyfriend

While Aliquippa police are investigating the murder of former teacher Rachael DelTondo, a warrant has been issued for her alleged on-again, off-again boyfriend, Sheldon Jeter Jr.’s cell phone and Facebook account. Before she was shot to death outside her mother’s home on May 13, DelTondo was allegedly with Sheldon’s older brother, as well as Aliquippa Sergeant Kenneth Watkins’ daughter. 

Tyrie Jeter, 26, Lauren Watkins, 17, and Rachael DelTondo, 33, were reportedly together on the night of DelTondo’s brutal shooting. Though Watkins dropped DelTondo home minutes before the shooting, both she and Tyrie Jeter claim that they did not see what happened to the victim. Police have now issued a warrant for the Facebook account of Tyrie Jeter’s younger brother, Sheldon, 20.

About Sheldon Jeter Jr.
SiblingsTyrie Jeter, Rashawn Bolton
ParentsDelsha Crumb Flannigan
AlumniAliquippa Junior/Senior High School

Who Is Sheldon Jeter Jr.?

Sheldon Jeter Jr.’s Facebook page reveals that he is a graduate of Aliquippa Junior/Senior High School in Pennsylvania. His account suggests that he played for the school’s football team, the Aliquippa Quips.

His mother is Delsha Crumb Flannigan.

The now 20-year-old is said to be the teenager DelTondo was seen in a foggy car with in 2016. Shortly after the former teacher’s murder, Sheldon Jeter Jr.’s belongings and home were searched. A search warrant for his cell phone was also issued. Though his attorney does not believe it is a point of contention, there were allegedly inconsistencies in Sheldon’s account of the night in question.  

His attorney, Michael Santicola, said that Sheldon had no animosity with DelTondo, and therefore had no motive to be involved in her death. 

Sheldon Jetter

Sheldon Jeter (M) (Photo: Delsha Crumb Flannigan/

According to Santicola, DelTondo confided in Sheldon about testifying in front of a grand jury with regards to corruption in Aliquippa law enforcement. She reportedly received death threats, some stating that she would not live to see 2019. Some believe that this led to the shooting. 

Sheldon Jeter’s Story Seems to Be Misleading 

On the night of her murder, surveillance cameras place DelTondo at a Circle K convenience store before she met Tyrie Jeter and Lauren Watkins.

Sheldon Jeter Jr. claims that he was with DelTondo at the time, but he is not seen in the video footage.

Police asked him to provide the clothes he wore on May 13, and he gave them a pair of khakis, and a windbreaker. But cameras from a nearby Walmart show Sheldon wearing a gray sweatshirt.

He also told them that, after driving around with his friends, he was home around 10:00 p.m.

When he came home, Sheldon said that he wrote some raps and played video games.

Police then obtained a search warrant as they were looking for bloodied clothing and a 9mm handgun. But during the search, they only obtained his PlayStation, notebooks, and car keys.

What Happened at Circle K?

Around 8:00 p.m. that night, Rachael DelTondo and Lauren Watkins drove to Circle K to pick up Tyrie Jeter, who was texting his younger brother at the time.

Sheldon asked Tyrie if everyone was “there already,” to which Tyrie replied “yes.” Sheldon then texted, “I got left huh,” followed by six smiley emojis.

At 10:44 p.m., Watkins and Jeter dropped DelTondo home, and drove away. Four minutes later, neighbors heard up to 12 gunshots.

Reports reveal that it is possible DelTondo knew her assailant.

Rachael DelTondo Fatally Shot to Death in Aliquippa

Rachael DelTondo Fatally Shot to Death in Aliquippa (Photo: Facebook/64703231)

Other Friends of DelTondo Questioned 

Rashawn Bolton, who is another of Sheldon Jeter Jr.’s brothers, also claimed to be romantically linked with Rachael DelTondo. He said that she was scared, and opened up to him about the death threats she received.

In 2017, Bolton alleged, Sheldon Jeter Jr. drove to DelTondo and threatened to hurt her.

Police also issued a search warrant for Lauren Watkins’ mother, Stephanie Watkins’ Facebook account, to access her private messages, friends list, and timeline posts to verify an undisclosed lead.

At this time, no suspects have been named.