Shannon Burgess Missing with 3-Year-Old Son: Middle Township Police Ask for Public’s Help

A mom and her three-year-old son were reported missing in New Jersey. Shannon Burgees and Jayda Ayala-Burgess were last seen boarding a New Jersey Transit bus. She is a recovering addict, and her family is concerned for their safety.

The Middle Township Police Department is extensively searching for a recovering addict and her son. Her family is worried that she may have relapsed.

About Shannon Burgess
Age37 Years
BirthJanuary 14, 1984
Height5 feet 6 inches
AddressWildwood, New Jersey
CountryUnited States
LAST SEEN3rd May, 2018

Burgess Was Last Seen Boarding a Bus

Shannon Burgess was born on January 14, 1984. The 34-year-old and her son, Jayda were last seen boarding a NJ transit bus at Cape May courthouse on May 3, 2018. They were heading to Camden from Wildwood for a couple of days.

Local authorities have been trying to contact her, but their attempts have been unsuccessful. Her family described Burgess as wearing a pink tank top over black pants, and black sandals. She has blue eyes, and brown hair.

Shannon Burgess

Shannon Burgess (Photo: Facebook/shannon.burgess.737)

She is described as 5’6”, with tattoos across her body, including a tribal band on her right arm, Chinese symbols on her neck, a sun at her naval, and another tribal band on her right thigh. She has a small scar on her chin.

The child was last seen wearing plaid shorts, a Paw Patrol t-shirt, and sandals.

Shannon Burgess' Son

Jayda Ayala-Burgess (Photo: Facebook/shannon.burgess.737)

Burgess Has a Criminal Record

Shannon Burgess was arrested in 2009 for one count each of credit card fraud, shoplifting, burglary, and writing bad checks, for which she was sentenced to four years in prison.

She was released in June 2012, and was released from parole in November 2014. Burgess had Jayda in 2015. Details about the boy’s father is unknown at this time. Burgess has reportedly been battling addiction, which is adding to her family’s concern.

Her last Facebook post was in April of this year. She has been on the social media platform since 2014. Though she does not often update her social media, it is unlikely that she would not inform her family of her whereabouts.

It is unknown if Burgess has a history of running away, but authorities are continuing their attempts to locate the child and his mother. Investigators are seeking help from the public, and are urging anyone with information about the mother or son to call Middle Township Police Department at 609-465-8700.