Serial Killer Ted Bundy’s DNA Might Be Key in Washington Cold Cases

American serial killer Ted Bundy’s last known murder was 40 years ago and the man was executed in 1989. But, in 2018, some cold case detectives are looking into the possibility that Ted Bundy might be behind some of their unsolved homicides.

Ted Bundy was executed by the electric chair on January 24, 1989, but we still may not know about all of his victims. Is it possible that a genetic profile of the infamous serial killer could solve some cold cases? Police in Washington thinks that’s a strong possibility.

Ted Bundy’s Possible Victims

In 1966, two flight attendants, Lonnie Trumbull and Lisa Wick, were brutally attacked in their apartment building. They were savagely beaten with a piece of lumber. Trumbull died from the attack. Wick lived, but has no memory of what happened to this day.

Ted Bundy worked just down the street.

Due to the similarity to a number of his future attacks, there has always been a suspicion that Bundy may have been the assailant. However, no tangible evidence was found at the time. Fingerprints at the scene didn’t match up and DNA testing was decades away from being a crime-solving tool.

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy; Photo:

New Methods to Be Used

Detectives in Seattle are now taking a look at the case with a closer eye and hopefully with the help of science. DNA and genetic testing have gone forward by leaps and bounds in the past two decades, let alone since 1966. Detectives hoped that a DNA profile might finally put the lid on this case that has been unsolved for more than 50 years. There’s just one problem.

The State of Washington does not have a genetic profile for Ted Bundy. Despite admitting to numerous murders in the state and being suspected of more, Bundy was never actually convicted of any them. Instead, it was Florida that got that dubious honor. As a result, the state computers do not have access to his DNA profile.

More Ted Bundy Victims Could Be Found

Investigators are working to not only get a DNA profile of Ted Bundy into the Washington State system but also to get it used. The two flight attendants may just be the tip of the iceberg.

Ann Marie Burr was eight years old when she was kidnapped in Tacoma, Washington. Her body has never been found, but Ted Bundy was 14 and lived in the area. Bundy has long been a suspect in this case, but denied any involvement.

Joyce LePage disappeared on July 22, 1971. Her body was found nine months later. Her profile is very close to that of many of Bundy’s victims and he was in the state at the time.

Could DNA evidence finally tie Bundy to these crimes and shut the door on them? Investigators think so and are working to make sure that the required testing gets done.