Alleged Serial Killer Howell Donaldson Arrested and Charged for Four Deaths

It looks like justice will be served to the families of four victims who were allegedly shot to death by Howell Donaldson in Tampa, Florida. The authorities received a tip from a McDonald’s staff member about Donaldson. If you want to know more about Donaldson’s arrest and alleged crimes, then keep on reading.

After four people were fatally shot in Tampa, Florida, suspected serial killer Howell Donaldson was arrested on November 28, 2017. He’s been charged with four counts of first-degree murder.

What Led to the Arrest of Howell Donaldson?

On November 28, Howell Donaldson walked into the McDonald’s where he worked and asked his manager to hold a bag containing a 9-mm handgun. When he left to get a payday loan, a coworker named Gail Rogers informed a police officer at the McDonald’s about the gun. The officer called for backup.

Donaldson, 24, was taken into custody for questioning. He was soon charged with four counts of first-degree murder for the deaths of Monica Hoffa, Anthony Naiboa, Benjamin Mitchell, and Ronald Felton.

The first murder took place in October 2017, when Mitchell, 22, was killed in the Seminole Heights neighborhood.

Regarding the tip that led to the arrest, Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said, “We got a break. Somebody stepped up and did the right thing.”

Who Is Howell Donaldson?

Howell Donaldson was born in North Carolina, but he grew up mostly in Tampa. Later on, he moved to play college basketball at St. John’s University in New York. He also goes by the name “Trai.”

After Donaldson was arrested, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said, “51 days ago I said this was a struggle between good and evil. Well, tonight goodness has won.”

The police were able to connect the four murders because all the victims had been killed in a similar way.

Who Are the Victims?

The four victims were killed while they walked at night in Seminole Heights. They had nothing in common with regards to their age, race, or profession.

On October 9, Mitchell was shot dead after he got off a bus. Two days later, Hoffa, 32, was killed.

The third murder happened on October 19, when Naiboa, 20, was shot after taking the wrong bus home. Nearby police heard the gunshots. They rushed to the scene to find Naiboa dead.

The last victim, Felton, 60, was shot on November 14. The construction worker and father of three adult children was crossing the street when a man came up behind him and shot him.

Dugan said he was “optimistic” that police had gotten their man in Howell Donaldson.

“There’s a lot [of evidence] to go through, a lot to sift through, and it’s going to take many things to fall in line,” Dugan said.