Sean Whalen Wiki: Motivational Speaker’s Video on Florida Shooting Is a Wake up Call

Sean Whalen is a motivational speaker whose YouTube videos have garnered several views. He talks about the horrifying Florida shooting in his latest video. Find out all about him and his take on the shooting in Sean Whalen’s wiki here.

Since the Florida high school shooting on February 14, a lot of people have given their opinions on social media. Sean Whalen posted his video about the massacre on YouTube, and some are describing it as an eye-opener. Learn more about Sean Whalen and why his video is a must-watch here.

Who Is Sean Whalen?

Sean Whalen is a motivational speaker from Utah, among many things. His YouTube profile describes him as “the unapologetically direct CEO of the internationally renowned coaching and consulting company LIONS NOT SHEEP.”

The Lions Not Sheep website features Whalen’s racing ventures. It also has an apparel store for men and women. Through his firm, Whalen coaches and consults on social media marketing and branding strategies with businesses all over the world.

As a motivational speaker, he has addressed sports teams, schools, sales organizations, and military groups, among other entities. He has also authored a book, How to Make Sh*t Happen.

On the personal front, he’s a doting father of three children. He is also the proud owner of four horses and three dogs.

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He’s YouTube Famous

Whalen has a YouTube channel with over 6700 subscribers and over 645,000 views. He has a variety of segments on his channel.

A year ago, he uploaded a 14-episode YouTube series, Life of a Lion. He also ran the Bulletproof & Books show on his channel. His other shows include The Revolution Podcast, #AskSeanShow, and series on real estate investing and politics.

He Ran for Congress

The motivational speaker doesn’t just talk about politics on YouTube. He ran for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District in 2017. He was an unaffiliated candidate, though he appeared to be campaigning for the conservative vote in the state.

He got attention for his unconventional campaign video where he mocked politicians’ run-of-the-mill campaign practices. The video shows him tick all the boxes for a conservative politician in a lighthearted manner.

He wears a suit to be taken seriously, wears a flag pin on his lapel to bring up his poll numbers, he holds a gun and even wears a hardhat. The highlight of the video is when he sits backwards on a horse and talks about “turning America around.”

“My campaign is really simple,” Whalen says in the video. “I’m gonna punch D.C. in the face!”

His unique campaigning made him very popular, but it didn’t win him the seat. Republican John Curtis was elected to represent the 3rd district of Utah.

His Video on the Florida Shooting

On February 14, Whalen posted a video soon after news of the horrifying Florida massacre broke out. In the aftermath of the shooting, many who knew the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, said they saw the warnings signs in him.

In his video, Whalen says that the children who had an inkling about Cruz didn’t come forward because they were afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings. He claims that political correctness is not more important than a “child’s life.”

He implores children to speak out if they feel uncomfortable about a fellow student. He also asks parents and teachers to be a listening ear instead of hushing them to protect someone’s feelings. The video has resonated with many who feel that the warnings about Cruz were ignored.

However, some have also pointed out that Whalen hasn’t touched upon Cruz’s expulsion from the school because of his behavior or that the FBI was aware he was a threat. Some believe that it’s not enough that the kids speak out more since there are a lot more factors involved in the shooting incident.

Watch the entire video on the shooting on Whalen’s YouTube channel below.