Scott Tadych Wiki: Why the Finger’s Being Pointed at Him for Teresa Halbach’s Murder

Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey might be in prison for murdering Teresa Halbach on October 31, 2005, but doubts cast in Making a Murderer have many considering the theory that Scott Tadych and Bobby Dassey are actually responsible for her death. This Scott Tadych wiki looks at those accusations.

Steven Avery was sentenced to life in prison in 2006 for murdering 25-year old-photographer Teresa Halbach in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. His nephew, Brendan Dassey, was convicted in 2007 of helping his uncle murder the young woman.

About Scott Alan Tadych
Age52 Years
BirthJuly 14, 1968 Wisconsin
SpouseBarbara Ellen Tadych (Janda), nee Avery
Works ForWisconsin Aluminum Foundry Co.

Ever since Making a Murderer premiered on Netflix in December 2015 though, people have been questioning whether the right person(s) is in prison. Did a bungling and perhaps corrupt police and an overzealous prosecutor send the wrong people to jail?

Some suggest that much of the available evidence points to Scott Tadych, Brendan’s stepfather, and Bobby Dassey, Brendan’s brother, as the (alleged) real murderers.

On one hand, Tadych and Bobby Dassey were quick as lightning to corroborate the State of Wisconsin’s theory that Brendan and Steven were guilty of the murders. On the other, their stories didn’t match up with what independent witnesses said.

The only alibi the two have for the day in question is each other. And their alibi is full of holes.

Kathleen Zellner Sheds New Light on the Case?

Toward the end of the long-awaited season two of Making a Murderer, Kathleen Zellner cast suspicion on Bobby Dassey and named Scott Tadych as his accomplice. Zellner, Steven Avery’s unrelenting post-conviction attorney, is a woman known for winning unwinnable cases and freeing wrongly convicted men.

It is because investigators failed to look at other family members that Zellner believes Avery deserves a new trial.

Scott Tadych, a History of Violence against Women

There are a couple things we know for certain about Scott Tadych.

He loves to hunt; his exploits are all over his Facebook profile.

He also has a temper. And a long rap sheet to go with it. The mustachioed hunter seemed pretty comfortable on the witness stand in Making a Murderer. That might be because he has a lot of experience with the law.

Scott Tadych

Scott Tadych; Image: Making a Murderer

Constance Welnetz

In 1994, Tadych was charged by Manitowoc County for criminal trespass and battery.

He is alleged to have visited the home of Constance Welnetz at 3:00 a.m. and knocked on her bedroom window. She was, as expected, asleep, but she also had company, a man by the name of Martin LeClair.

Frightened, Welnetz called police. At the same time, Tadych walked into her home and, she claims, said “You will die for this, bitch!”

What “this” is was never explained. Perhaps it was because she chose not to spend the night with Tadych. Martin LeClair followed Tadych outside to confront him. Tadych responded by hitting LeClair, knocking him unconscious.

Three years later, Tadych was charged with recklessly causing bodily harm to another man, disorderly conduct, and damage to property.

In 2001, seven years after the first assault, Welnetz filed a restraining order against Tadych, claiming he called her “repeatedly at work within short periods of time” and threatened to “kick her ass.” He also followed her home, pushing his way into her residence.

The following year, Tadych assaulted Welnetz once again. Welnetz tried to “kick Tadych out of her residence” for yelling at her son. As expected, the short-fused man with boundary issues did not take this well. He shoved Welnetz against the wall and threw her phone on the floor so she couldn’t call police. Tadych then hauled off and punched her with a closed fist.

More Legal Problems

According to court documents, Tadych is also not good with money. In fact, he’s been in court a large number of times for unpaid bills.

In 2004, he lost the following judgments: one for $4,279.41 to a medical center; $525.44 to Holy Family Memorial Inc.; and a $7,789.00 judgment to the DWD for overpayment…and that’s just a small sampling.

It is this charming fellow that Barbara Janda, mother of Brendan and Bobby Dassey, walked down the aisle with. That day of wedded bliss didn’t occur until after Teresa Halbach was murdered. And that timing may have played into a motive for the alleged killing.

The Murder of a Young Photographer

Teresa Halbach’s family reported her missing on November 3, 2005. Her last known whereabouts was Avery’s Auto Salvage, located just 3.5 North West of Mishicot, Wisconsin, off Highway 147. The 40-acre compound also happens to be where Janda and her children, grandparents, and uncles, including Steven Avery, all lived.

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It was there, on October 31, that the 25-year-old Halbach, who worked as a photographer for Auto Trader magazine, had been to take a photo of a vehicle Janda wanted to sell.

On November 5, civilian volunteers discovered Teresa’s Toyota RAV4 located on the sprawling Avery property, hidden beneath a sheet of plywood, obscured by branches and car parts. Police also found the charred remains of Halbach in a fire pit, along with parts of a cellphone and camera in a barrel used to burn trash.

During a search of Steven Avery’s home, police confiscated two guns: a .22-caliber semi-automatic rifle; and a .50-caliber deer-hunting rifle. They also packed up a trove of evidence, including hair and fiber samples, hand tools, duct tape, a vacuum cleaner, a claw hammer, a blanket, a plastic pail, and a necklace.

On November 15, 2005, Avery was charged with the kidnapping, murder, and mutilation of Teresa Halbach. His nephew, Brendan Dassey, who was just 16 at the time, was eventually arrested for aiding his uncle.

On March 18, 2007, Avery was found guilty of first-degree murder and illegal possession of a firearm. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Brendan was convicted in 2007 for first-degree intentional homicide, rape, and mutilating a corpse. He will be eligible for parole in 2048.

An open and shut case!

Not quite. There is reason to believe that Steven Avery might not have committed the murder… That, perhaps, Bobby Dassey did, and Scott Tadych helped him cover it up.

Did Scott Tadych Give False Testimony?

A motion filed by Kathleen Zellner in July 2018 asserts that Brendan Dassey’s brother, Bobby, and his now stepfather, Scott Tadych, gave false testimony at trial.

At trial, Bobby Dassey testified that he had been home at Avery’s Auto Salvage on October 31, 2005—the day Teresa Halbach was murdered. But said he was asleep all morning and didn’t wake up until around 2:00 p.m., just before the young woman arrived to take pictures.

He then took a shower, planning to go hunting later that afternoon. When he left at around 2:45 p.m., Dassey claims he saw Halbach’s SUV parked next to the van his mother was trying to sell.

Tadych, who was 37 years of age when Halbach was murdered, admitted on the stand that he visited Barb Janda’s home twice on October 31, 2005. It is likely that he knew Halbach was coming onto the property to photograph his then girlfriend’s van. Because Janda and Avery’s homes were in close proximity to each other, anyone there would have seen Halbach show up to take pictures.

Bobby Dassey’s alibi for that day was Tadych.

And vice versa.

Tadych seems to have gone out of his way to ensure he had an alibi for every remaining minute of the day.

On October 31, 2005, a day he took off as a vacation day, Tadych claims he drove to Green Bay twice to visit his mother—who was recuperating in the hospital after back surgery—within a four-hour period.

“I left her … I went to my trailer, and then I went to the woods hunting,” he said. He allegedly arrived at his deer stand at around 3:00 p.m.

However, a lead investigator admitted on the stand that Tadych’s visits to the hospital were never verified. And, as we know, the only person who provided him with an alibi that afternoon was Bobby Dassey.

The two men testified to having driven past each other on the road outside the salvage yard on their way to go hunting that afternoon.

Tadych testified, “I saw Bobby Dassey on Highway 147. I was going west, and he was going east.” They say they waved at each other. It was about 3:10 p.m.

As a side note, the pair seeing each other while driving does not mean that Halbach wasn’t restrained in one of the cars.

After hunting, Tadych then asked Janda if they could spend the night together; he wanted to watch Prison Break.

Why Would Scott Tadych Allegedly Lie on the Stand?

First, Scott Tadych was no fan of Steven Avery. And would not, by all accounts, have any issue with framing his future brother-in-law. In fact, he may have had a motive for framing Avery.

At the time of Halbach’s murder, Tadych was dating Avery’s sister, Barb Janda, the mother of Bobby, Blaine, Brendan, and Bryan Dassey. She was actually married to Tadych’s cousin, Tom Janda, but they were separated at the time.

Scott Tadych, Brendan Dassey and Barb Tadych

Scott Tadych (L) with Brendan Dassey and Barb Tadych (Janda)

Barba Janda lived next door to her brother in a mobile home. IF either Tadych or Bobby Dassey killed Halbach, Tadych would have a motive for framing someone else for the murder.

The most obvious person would be Steven Avery. A man who had previously served time in jail for a violent sex crime (that it turns out he did not commit).

Bobby Dassey’s Alibi Under Scrutiny

Bobby Dassey testified that he was asleep all day and that Teresa Halbach was still on their property when he left later that afternoon to go hunting.

But Zellner found evidence to show that Dassey may have lied under oath.

Zellner states in her motion that new computer testing found images of Halbach, violent pornography, and photos of mutilated women on a computer in the Dassey house. The Google searches for the violent images “have been isolated to times when only Bobby Dassey was home.”

This goes against Bobby Dassey’s claim that he was asleep all day. It also suggests that Bobby Dassey had an “elevated risk of committing a sexually motivated violent crime.”

Then we have Bobby Dassey’s claims that he slept until around 2:00 p.m. and saw Teresa at around 2:45 when he left. His younger brother Blaine contradicts that story, which would also put into question everything Tadych claimed.

Blaine said that when he got home from school that day, Bobby didn’t wake up until 3:40 p.m. If Bobby was sleeping until 3:40, how did he see Teresa Halbach on the property at 2:45 . And how could he provide an alibi to Scott Tadych, who he claims he saw at 3:10?

Then there’s the question of why anyone would go deer hunting that late in the day at the end of October.

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Dassey and Tadych–Convenient Alibis?

  • Tadych and Bobby Dassey are mutual alibis in this case; both claiming to seeing each other at between 3:10 pm and 3:30 p.m. on the afternoon of October 31, 2005. But no one else can vouch for their whereabouts that afternoon.
  • Zellner claims that new evidence puts Bobby Dassey and Scott Tadych at the same location as Halbach when she received her last phone call.
  • A timeline created by Zellner suggests that Halbach left the Avery property, and that Steven Avery saw her turn on to Hwy 147. It was at this time Avery noticed that Bobby’s vehicle was gone.
  • In  the experimental timeline, it’s alleged that Halbach was approaching the intersection of
    Highway 147 and County Road Q when Bobby caught up with her.
  • At 2:41 p.m., Zellner says Halbach forwarded a call to her cell phone, which was then turned off. This infers that Halbach “was assaulted and murdered at approximately 2:45 p.m.”
  • Further evidence shows that scent and cadaver dogs detected a suspected burial site immediately south of the Kiss Road cul-de-sac, the suspected murder site.
  • Tadych himself said he was at the intersection of Hwy 147 and County Road Q at 2:41 p.m.
  • Again, Zellner suggests, “it is reasonable to conclude that Bobby Dassey, Scott Tadych, and Teresa Halbach were all in the same location at the time of her last known activity, i.e. forwarding a cell phone call prior to her death.

Based on Zellner’s information, their iron-clad alibis could be considered more like a calculated collaboration designed to fit their story.

Other Alleged Suspicions About Tadych

Other witnesses have come forward with sworn affidavits since the trial contradicting the testimony of Scott Tadych. Other suspicions simply cast a dark shadow on Tadych’s already tainted behavior.

In general, his co-workers described him as being short-tempered and angry. It’s said he was a chronic liar, had a short fuse, “screams a lot” and is a “psycho.”

One co-worker reported that Tadych approached him in the days following the murder of Teresa Halbach, wondering if he might be interested in purchasing a .22 rifle that belonged to one of the Dassey boys. Recall, it was a .22 rifle that was believed to have been the murder weapon.

Another co-worker stated that Scott Tadych left work on November 5, 2005, the day Steven Avery was arrested, and that he was a “nervous wreck.” On top of that, a co-worker noted that Tadych commented that one of the Dassey boys had blood on his clothes and that the clothes must have “gotten mixed up with his laundry.”

Another witness signed an affidavit saying he saw Halbach’s SUV parked on property owned by Tadych in the days between her disappearance and when it was found clumsily hidden at Avery’s Auto Salvage.

Steven Avery “Got What He Got Comin’ to Him”?

Maybe it had more to do with Tadych’s use of the English language… Or maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The day after Steven Avery was convicted of murdering Teresa Halbach, Tadych told the press, “What happened yesterday is the best thing in the world,” adding, “He [Avery] got what he got comin’ to him.”

Did Tadych say he believes the jury got it right? Or did he slip up, and suggest it was payback?

Steven Avery

Steven Avery; Photo: Wisconsin Department of Corrections

Scott Tadych Loses It on a Phone Call

Time does not heal all wounds.

In the final episode of season two of Making a Murderer, Steven Avery called his sister Barb (Tanda) Tadych. It did not go well. Barb was irate that Zellner has been “starting up with Scott and Bobby again.”

A calm Avery responded by saying, “It’s going wherever the evidence is going.”

As expected, Barb does not take kindly to Avery suggesting her husband was part of a murder scheme. “He didn’t do it either! Christ! Steven. I was f**kin’ with him.”

(Note: She actually wasn’t with Scott Tadych all day, only that evening, “from five o’clock on” she said. Again, he wanted to get home to her so they could watch Prison Break.)

A few moments later, a clearly agitated and angry Scott Tadych was overhead in the background of the phone call. Just based on what he said at this time, it’s not difficult to see that Scott Tadych has had it in for his brother-in-law.

Let me talk to him. I want that m**her**ker to answer some f**king questions. F**k Steven Avery! He is a piece of sh**, he has been all his f**king life. He’s a c**k sucking loser. The only evidence they have is against him and he’s trying to grasp for air by blaming it on somebody else. He’s a f**king loser. I wasn’t even on that property that f**king day…you g*dd*mn idiot. That’s how f**king intelligent you are! You want to get out and do something stupid again? Ya dumb f**k! I can’t wait until you get out and kick your f**king a**!

You can listen to the implosion here.

Tadych is also not fond of Kathleen Zellner, perhaps understandably so. Here’s a Facebook post retweeted by Zellner on October 23:

Zellner’s reply in her re-tweet was: “Why would anyone think this ‘prince’ of a fellow would be angry enough to hurt a woman?”

We’ll all have to wait until the potential third season of Making a Murderer to see how the Avery family makes out…and if Scott Tadych ever took anger management classes or can account for the obvious discrepancies in his seemingly ever-changing narrative. Perhaps the real killers are truly behind bars already…or perhaps Zellner will prove otherwise.