Sarah Gatt Murder: Body Found in Bathtub 8 Months after She Died

On January 3, 2018, authorities discovered the body of Sarah Gatt eight months after she died in her Kensington home in Melbourne, Australia. The family is appealing to the public to help solve the case. Here is what you need to know.

Forty-year-old Sarah Gatt was found dead in her bathtub in January, when police went to her house after noticing a weird smell. They were in the Kensington area of Melbourne, Australia for a separate incident.

Forensic testing on her decomposed body revealed that Gatt passed away sometime between April 20 and 24, 2017.

Detectives believe that Gatt was assaulted before she died, and her murderer took concrete steps to hide the body and make it look like she was alive for several months after she was killed.

Her family claims that Gatt lived alone after becoming addicted to drugs. Tim Day, Homicide Squad Detective Inspector, did not comment on the speculation that somebody may have impersonated Gatt after she died. However, he did say that a couple of stories about her had been spread.

Authorities further added that somebody was living in the house while Gatt’s body decomposed in the bathtub.

Two women and three men who were known to Gatt were interrogated in January. They are considered to be persons of interest in the case, but nobody has been charged in her death yet.

Gatt’s family and the authorities asked the public for more information about her death, which is considered to be suspicious.

Gatt has four children who were not living with her in the house.

Her father, Victor Gatt, spoke highly of his daughter, saying she was a nice student and wanted to be a model. However, her dreams of becoming a famous model went haywire when, at the age of 17, she fell prey to drugs.

He also said that Gatt was a “great person” until she started hanging out with “the wrong crowd and began living in isolation from her parents.”

He said, “Nobody knows what went wrong, she just started on drugs. We didn’t know about it and I took her to places to try and get her cleaned up but it wouldn’t happen. She kept everything to herself.”

Sarah Gatt’s family also revealed that they didn’t see her for almost 18 months before her badly decomposed body was discovered. They say they are extremely heartbroken, especially her father, who said that he “should have went to see her,” but did not, as she didn’t want him to.

Authorities remarked that the signs of someone covering up Gatt’s death are disturbing.

Investigators are still working on the case and trying to determine her cause of death.

Detective Inspector Day wants anyone who may know what happened to Gatt to come forward and contact police. Anyone who knows anything about Gatt’s murder or saw her in April 2017 is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-333-000.