San Marcos Man Charged with DUI That Killed Female Passenger

A suspected DUI is responsible for one man heading to jail, and one woman in the morgue in San Marcos, California.

We have the latest information on the car crash, and charges that are being laid because of it.

Drunk Driving Leads to a Death

According to California Highway Patrol, at approximately 1:55 a.m. westbound on SR-78 at Barham Drive, the driver of a Hyundai sedan lost control. After hitting the concrete medium, the car flew across multiple lanes before crashing into barriers on the Barham Drive off-ramp.

By the time police and emergency crews arrived, the female passenger of the Hyundai was dead. The driver, who had to be extracted from the car, survived with some injuries.

Charges Being Laid

The driver may have survived, but he’s not off the hook. He was charged with a felony DUI and vehicular manslaughter. Currently, there is no other information on the driver or passenger.