San Francisco Police Arrest Dustin Hamilton Who Stole Guns & Threatened Shooting

San Fransisco can breathe a sigh of relief as a 44-year-old man who left a 20-page manifesto claiming that he was going to kill civilians and police officers, has been found and arrested.

This is the latest news on Dustin Hamilton’s arrest.

A Simple Burglary Turns into a Manhunt

On Wednesday (April 4), San Jose police were called to investigate what first appeared as a simple burglary, but became something much scarier.

The burglary involved the theft of guns at a residence in the 1600 block of Husted Avenue. The home of his parents, 44-year-old Dustin Hamilton did not only steal guns, he allegedly left a 20-page manifesto that contained, among other things, threats that he would kill not only civilians of San Fransisco, but would aim for San Fransisco law enforcement as well.

The manifesto also listed the address of 501 Delancey Street as another target for his plan. The address holds an apartment building, and was across the street from a homeless encampment that was cleared out by police a week earlier.

Hamilton Caught

San Jose police let their San Fransisco counterparts know of the possible dangers right away. Dispatchers across the city warned officers to do their best not to be drawn into any potential ambush situations.

Many of the offices went on lockdown in the area, and security was raised in a number of buildings. The end of this chapter, however, came quietly.

Police haven’t offered many details of the arrest other than a tweet that alerted the public to Hamilton being caught. According to the tweet, he was in possession of two firearms at the time, and San Fransisco police located him due to a tip from the public. The police have yet to say where Hamilton was apprehended.

There is currently no word on what charges Hamilton may face in relation to this case, but it is known that there are a number of outstanding warrants for him including vandalism and assault.