Broadway Star Ruthie Ann Miles Loses Her Unborn Child Months after Daughter Dies in Brooklyn Crash

After the unfathomable heartache of losing her first-born in a Brooklyn car accident two months ago, Tony Award-winning Broadway star Ruthie Ann Miles has now lost her unborn child, as well. She was due to deliver a baby girl this month. 

In March, a driver with a medical condition ran a red light and drove into two children who were crossing the road with their mothers, one of whom was Ruthie Ann Miles.

One of the children was Abigail Blumenstein, a four-year-old who died of a skull fracture. The other child, one-year-old Joshua Lew, died of a severed spine.

The driver, Dorothy Bruns, reportedly had a seizure at the time of the crash.

Bruns Allegedly Had Seizures before, during, and after She Ran Over the Children

Dorothy Bruns was not supposed to be operating a motor vehicle, as suggested by her neurologist at the time of the incident.

On March 5, 2018, she ran over four people, and two children lost their lives. Ruthie Ann Miles, who was pregnant at the time, was severely injured and lost her daughter in the accident.

Summons Issued to Dorothy Bruns' Vehicle


Miles was rushed to the ICU in critical condition. But after preliminary checks, doctors declared the unborn baby unharmed.

The accident happened near Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, downtown Brooklyn, when Bruns did not stop at a red light. While reportedly suffering from a seizure, she drove through the intersection where the two mothers were walking with their children.

Joshua was in a stroller, while Abigail was walking with her mother.

After she hit the pedestrians, Bruns dragged Lew’s stroller under her car, while the baby was still inside.

Her car came to a stop after hitting other vehicles that were parked nearby. Bruns’ driver’s license was suspended, and she was charged with manslaughter, assault, and criminally negligent homicide.

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Miles and her husband, Jonathan Blumenstein, were expecting their reportedly “unharmed” baby girl to be born this month.

But sadly, at 39 weeks pregnant, Miles and Blumenstein lost their unborn daughter on May 11.

A GoFundMe page was set up after Abigail’s death, and over $400,000 was raised to help the family.

Although the loss of Miles’ unborn child is believed to be related to the accident, prosecutors will not be able to press additional charges against Brunn. State law requires a child to be born to file homicide charges against the perpetrator.