Russellville Man Indicted for Arson and Auto Theft: Allegedly Wanted Rent in Exchange of His Tenant’s Car

A local man in Russellville, Arkansas was indicted on charges of arson and theft. He reportedly stole his tenant’s car in the hopes of getting rent. This foolish move had him arrested. Here’s what happened to Anthony Ray Chaney.

Chaney is a resident of Franklin, Russellville who is accused of stealing a car, and setting it on fire. The car reportedly belonged to a woman who was renting a home from Chaney, and reportedly hadn’t paid rent.

Why Did Chaney Steal the Car?

Auto theft and arson are two of the most common crimes in the United States of America that are strictly punishable. And Chaney, 43 committed both.

He was indicted by the Franklin County grand jury, for stealing a 2003 Isuzu Rodeo, and later torching it.

After he took the vehicle, Chaney called 911, and informed authorities that he stole his tenant’s car, and would return it when she paid rent.

He was promptly informed that he was committing a crime. It was later reported that shortly after the 911 call, deputies found the car on fire.

Chaney was arrested in June 2017, but charges for the dual crimes were not dropped until this month by judge Terry Dempsey. The details of his sentence are currently unavailable.

After looking at previous second-degree arson and first-degree auto theft records, Chaney may do anywhere between three and 10 years of jail time, along with a hefty fine.