Russell Fisk Named as a Northland Shooting Victim

Kansas City police located the car that was involved in one homicide, and two more non-fatal shootings. KCPD says that the suspect has been arrested, and the investigation is still ongoing.

Kansas City police located a vehicle that was involved in three Northland shootings on May 11, and have arrested a suspect. One of those shootings claimed a life.

At first, officials were unsure as to whether or not the three shootings were connected. They have since determined that the cases are linked.

The car police believe was involved in the shooting was discovered in a creek behind a home on Highway 150 in South Kansas City.

Officers discovered a 9mm handgun, a Bible, a sippy cup, beer, and religious posters. A suspect was arrested at around 1:30 a.m. on May 15.

Kansas City Police Department spokesperson Kari Thompson confirmed that a suspect was taken into custody in relation the two non-deadly shootings. The suspect is also a person of interest in the homicide of the third.

No formal charges have been made at this time, so details about the suspect are unknown.

Details of the Shooting

The shooting occurred at around 8:00 p.m. on May 11, in the area of N.W.Barry Road and North Marston Avenue. The victim of the fatal shooting has been identified as Kansas City tattoo artist, Russell Fisk.

Witnesses revealed that Fisk was driving an expensive sports car, and knocked down a light pole before crashing in a field. His cause of death was from a gunshot wound.

Russell Fisk Killed in Northland Shooting

Kansas City Tattoo Artist Killed in Northland Shooting (Photo: Facebook/russ.fisk.1)

Around five miles away, at around 9:00 p.m., more shots were fired near 111th and North Campbell Streets. Police revealed the victim had received life-threatening injuries.

Under a half-hour later, less than two miles away, another shooting occurred near North Main Street and N.W. 102nd Terrace. A man on a motorcycle was shot, and suffered non-life threatening injuries from a grazing gunshot wound.

Yet still, no one has been charged in the shootings at this time. On Friday, a police spokeswoman told The Kansas City Star that there were many witnesses at the Barry and Marston incident, “so we know somebody saw something.”

Authorities request that anybody with information about any of the shootings anonymously call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477, or submit a tip online.