“Round 2 of Florida Tomorrow”: Broome High School Student Arrested for Shooting Threat

Broome High School authorities and police in Spartanburg, South Carolina swung into action immediately after receiving a tip about a threat being made against the school. An anonymous person had posted on Snapchat showing himself holding what looked like a gun with the caption “Round 2 of Florida Tomorrow.” Later, the suspect was identified and arrested by the police. The unnamed suspect claimed it was a joke. 

A student at the Broome High School in Spartanburg, South Carolina was arrested by the police after a threat was made through social media. A Spartanburg School District Three spokesperson, Sherri Horton, said that officials received an anonymous tip from a student on early Thursday morning, February 15, 2018, about a threat to the “safety of the students and staff of Broome High School.” The threat was made using Snapchat.

An investigation was launched immediately, and deputies said that they were called to a home, where a parent told them about the threat after a child had shown him the Snapchat post. The post showed a juvenile male wearing a partial mask and holding what seemed like an assault rifle with a deadly caption that said “Round 2 of Florida Tomorrow.”

Threat Taken Very Seriously

Since this message was posted after the February 14 Florida school shooting, officials gave it the highest priority. Fortunately for everybody, this parent and the child identified the student in the post and told the deputies. The police immediately went to the suspect’s house and confronted him.

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Suspect Claimed It Was a Joke

The suspect said that the post was intended as a joke. Lt. Kevin Bobo said, “After informing the suspect and his parents of the law violation, the suspect stated his Snapchat post was just intended as a joke, and that he didn’t have any serious intentions.”

No Access to Real Firearms

The parents of the suspect allowed the deputies to search their home, which turned up both the mask and the weapon. Fortunately, it turned out that the weapon in question was actually a pellet gun. Police said that the suspect didn’t have any access to real firearms. The suspect was a 9th-grade student at the Broome High School in Spartanburg. The police are not releasing the suspect’s name as he is still a minor.