Rose McGowan Surrenders on Drug Possession Warrant

On November 14, 2017, actress Rose McGowan surrendered to Virginia authorities. A warrant had been issued to the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority to bring McGowan in on drug possession charges.

McGowan is a feminist, an activist for LGBT rights, and has more recently been very outspoken against sexual assault and molestation in Hollywood.

The warrant for Rose McGowan has been outstanding since February 1, 2017. According to police, they’ve been attempting to contact the actress for a court appearance. McGowan turned herself in to authorities in Loudoun Country, Virginia.

The warrant is based on allegations that McGowan’s personal belongings, which she left behind on a Washington-DC-bound flight this past January, were found to contain traces of narcotics. Her belongings, including her wallet, were reportedly found by an employee cleaning the plane after the flight and were turned in to airport police detectives.

Rose McGowan has been released on a $5,000 unsecured bail bond.

The actress admits she forgot her bag containing her wallet on the flight, when she was on her way to the Women’s March in D.C. However, she denies that there were any narcotics in it and has stated she intends on pleading not guilty.

In fact, the actress tweeted out about the possession charges on October 30, 2017, possibly suggesting a link to the recent rape allegations she made against Harvey Weinstein that she continues to be vocal about on social media. Weinstein has denied McGowan’s allegations.