Rori Hache Wiki: The Short Life of the Murdered Oshawa Teen

About Rori Chantel Hache Dionne
Age21 Years
BirthJuly 9, 1999
Weight100-110 lbs.
ParentsShanan Dionne, Dustin Kwiatkowski

Rori Hache, a vivacious 18-year-old Canadian, died a horrific death. In September 2017, the torso of the missing pregnant teen was found by a fisherman near the Oshawa Harbour. Months later, the rest of her remains were found in a basement apartment belonging to Adam Strong. Strong was arrested and charged with indecent interference to a body. As the investigation continues, many expect this charge to be upgraded. And some fear the murder may be the act of a serial killer.

This Rori Hache wiki looks at the short life of the vibrant, fun-loving Oshawa teen who had turned her life around and was looking forward to becoming a mother. It also delves into what happened to Rori Hache.

Who Was Rori Hache?

Her Early Life

Rori Chantal Hache Dionne, playfully dubbed “Hashbrown” by some of those who knew her, as born July 9, 1999.


The smart and fun-loving little girl grew up in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, a city just outside of Toronto, on Lake Ontario. She also lived in Bowmanville for a time.

Rori Hache


Hache’s family was a blended one, consisting of mom Shanan Dionne, stepfather Dustin Kwiatkowski, and two younger step-siblings.

At 13 years old, Hache was an Army Cadet. She was named cadet of the year in her regiment two years in a row.

Hache attended R.S. Mclaughlin Collegiate Institute in her hometown. One of her Facebook pages says she went to Durham College after graduating.

Rori Hache was an innocent victim who will be forever remembered as someone who loved fashion, dancing, music (see a video of a younger Hache singing along to a song below), rapping, her friends, and animals. In fact, Hache wanted to be a veterinarian.

Hache also dreamed of having a family. And, just before she mysteriously vanished, the 18-year-old learned she was pregnant.

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Overcoming Difficulties in Her Teen Years

Like many, Rori Hache struggled when she entered her teen years and, according to her mother, became a bit of a wild child.

Rori Hache 2014

Rori Hache (2014); Photo:

During her first month of high school, someone gave the young Hache crystal meth. The use of this drug led to years of struggle for the teen.

“I reported myself to the CAS [Children’s Aid Society[ at one point because I thought that was the only way I could get her the help she needed,” said her mother, Shanan Dionne. “In the end, Rori was failed by the system.”

Some of Hache’s Facebook posts allude to her familiarity with substance abuse. Many photos from 2014 and 2015 show the teenager partying with her friends.

On November 6, 2015, she posted a “Walter White meth lab” picture on her Facebook page, an obvious reference to the AMC series Breaking Bad and its crystal-meth-making protagonist, Walter White.

Rori Hache

Rori Hache (2016); Photo:

On February 16, 2016, Hache posted an image of herself with a bong. Under the image, one friend wrote, “Hit the bong harder than cheech and chong lol.” Shortly thereafter, another friend wrote, “Its rori we are talking about here.. Of course lol.”

But in the last six months before she died, Hache had begun to turn things around. She had returned to school, gotten a job, and secured her own apartment. And there are no references to drug use on her Facebook page after July 2016.

In those last months, Hache also had a new boyfriend, Tony. The couple was said to be in a good place.

“I spoke to her or saw her every day,” Dionne said. “In August, she told me she thought she was pregnant and Rori was determined to keep the baby. I told her to do another test but I supported her choice.”

Despite a troubled childhood and adolescence, Hache was determined to keep her baby.

Rori Hache Goes Missing

Rori Hache’s dreams of being a mother, however, were shattered after she disappeared on August 29, 2017.

Hache spent a lot of time in Oshawa’s downtown core. She was last seen at approximately 1 p.m. that day at The Refuge Youth Outreach Centre, at 300 Court St. in central Oshawa.

Hache went there for help and assistance in tough times. She was well-known by staff and other young people who went there.

“She came here often. She was a delight,” said the executive director of The Refuge, Clarence Keesman. According to Keesman, 18-year-old Hache was making progress with her life challenges.

Her worried family created a large social media campaign seeking to find Hache over the next two weeks. They filed an official missing person’s report in early September.

Rori Hache missing poster

But the search didn’t end well.

Fisherman Finds Torso in Lake Ontario

On September 11, 2017, a local fisherman found a torso near the Oshawa Harbour, which opens into Lake Ontario, at around 8:30 p.m.

Police conducted an extensive search and the marine unit searched offshore.

Police search for evidence after the discovery of Rori Hache’s torso near the Oshawa Harbour; photo: CTV.

An autopsy was unable to determine a cause of death, but investigators said the death was suspicious. The woman, unidentified at that time, had been murdered in such a vicious, brutal way that even veteran detectives were shocked, with sources claiming that a fetus had been cut from the body.

DNA testing came back in early November, matching the torso to the missing Rori Hache.

Police had no suspect(s) at the time.

Partial Remains Found in Adam Strong’s Apartment

In December, Durham Regional Police caught a break.

Someone called investigators after finding something suspicious in the basement apartment that Oshawa man Adam Strong rented on McMillan Drive in Oshawa.

Potential Scene of Rori Hache's Death

House Containing Adam Strong’s Basement Apartment; Photo:

The items this person had located were human remains.

An autopsy later confirmed they belonged to Hache. Police wouldn’t discuss what body parts were found out of respect for the young woman’s family.

While searching Strong’s basement apartment, police also found a homemade explosive device. The bomb squad was called in and safely detonated the device outside the home.

Police said there was a lot of evidence collected from the basement apartment and plenty of investigative work to be done.

“It’s an enormous task,” said Constable George Tudos. “There’s a lot of evidence that needs to be processed and we’ll be there for at least a month.”

Police arrested and charged the 45-year-old Strong with indecent interference to a body.

Adam Strong

Adam Strong; Photo: Durham Regional Police

How Hache might have crossed paths with Strong is not yet known and investigators are not saying much. But The Refuge, which Hache frequented, is just two blocks from where Strong lived.

While Durham Regional Police have declared Hache’s death a homicide, they have yet to file murder charges against Strong or anyone else.

Was Rori Hache Afraid to Talk Before She Disappeared?

Was Hache scared of someone before she disappeared and was she too afraid to talk about it?

Her uncle, Harley Guindon, thinks so. He said he could sense that something was off the last time he saw her. Guindon said Hache was too afraid to talk when he hugged her for the last time in late August 2017.

“It was the largest hug I ever got in my life,” said Guindon, 32. “It was heartbreaking, astounding.”

Just a few days later, Hache disappeared from downtown Oshawa. A few weeks after that, her torso was found by a fisherman.

Since Hache vanished, Guindon said he keeps thinking about their final goodbye. Was she being intimidated by someone dangerous?

“The way she clung to me just before her disappearance was not usual,” Guindon said.

Hache lived with Guindon and his family in 2016 when he was under house arrest for drug charges.

Harley Guindon


Guindon is a Hells Angels biker and has spent time in jail for drug offenses. But you can’t pigeonhole Guindon—he is also the owner of Harley G‘s, a successful clothing store on Simcoe Street South in Oshawa.

In addition to providing Hache with a place to stay and helping her out financially, Guindon wondered if he could have done anything else to save her.

“Maybe she wanted me to take her with me but she didn’t say anything. I didn’t know how to help her,” he mused.

“There must have been something wrong going on at the end. She had given up and was clinging onto me for love and support.

“It was a special hug—(as if to say) I love you—at the end.”

Her devastated mother thinks something was off about her daughter in her final days. She believes Hache was hunted.

“Nothing has been proven, but in my heart I feel my daughter was hunted,” she said. “I’ve felt that since day one.”

Public Service Held at Memorial Park in Oshawa

More than 100 people met at Memorial Park in downtown Oshawa on December 9, 2017 to remember Rori Hache.

The public memorial held on a cold afternoon took place exactly one month after police had told Dionne that the torso found in Lake Ontario belonged to her missing 18-year-old daughter.

But Hache’s family didn’t want people at the memorial to fixate on her death.

“We are not here to talk amongst ourselves about the horrific circumstances surrounding Rori’s passing, but to embrace this moment in time to share our loving thoughts and happy memories about such an amazing young woman who touched so many lives in her 18 years,” said Hache’s aunt, Reverend Teresa Guindon, who delivered the eulogy.

She said Hache was a young woman with a big heart who loved animals, cared about people, and was a devoted Christian.

“Rori is love,” read a passage found in the program handed out at the memorial. “She had a compassionate heart and her desire was to become a veterinarian. She had a heart for the poor and homeless people in her community.”

“Let us all be a reflection of Jesus’ love towards all who cross our paths. This would be Rori’s final wish,” Teresa Guindon said.

Rori Hache Memorial Program

Rori Hache Memorial Program; Photo:

Police Conduct New Search at Home of Adam Strong

On July 9, 2018, Durham Regional Police conducted a new search at the home of Adam Strong.

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They had obtained another search warrant following the discovery of unknown DNA in the basement apartment back in April 2018.

On July 10, police announced that the DNA is believed to belong to another woman missing since 2008: Kandis Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick was also 18 when she disappeared.

Detective Darren Short with the Durham Regional Police Homicide Unit explained that police zeroed in on Fitzpatrick after searching missing persons’ cases in the area.

The DNA recovered from Strong’s home matches the genetic material of Fitzpatrick’s parents.

“We strongly believe that the DNA located is that of Kandis Fitzpatrick,” Short said. “We are, however, taking steps to confirm that 100%.”

Police have not laid charges in connection to the discovery of this DNA. They also declined to comment on what relationship, if any, existed between Strong and the two young women.

“We need the evidence to lay the charge and this will take time,” Short said. “Right now, we have nothing to link Kandis and Rori.”

Does this mean that Strong may be an alleged serial killer? Could there be more victims? The Oshawa community anxiously awaits further findings in the case.

Family Holds Celebration to Mark Rori Hache’s 19th Birthday

Rori Hache Birthday

Sky Lantern Lit in Rori Hache’s Memory; Photo:

Rori Hache would have turned 19 years old on July 9, 2018. To help keep Hache’s memory alive and celebrate her young life, her family held a public celebration of her birthday at Memorial Park in Oshawa.

“We are doing this to keep her name alive,” said her mother Dionne, adding that “she’s not gonna be swept under the rug.”

Supporters ventured out to clean up several areas in downtown Oshawa, the place Hache once called home.

“Rori loved coming here,” Dionne added. “It was her center ground to where she lived or to where she went. This was one place she always [went] through.”

After the cleanup, supporters attended an event at Harley G’s for cake and refreshments and to share stories about Rori Hache.

The family had a private gathering on July 9, lighting sky lanterns over Lake Ontario in Rori Hache’s memory.

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