Robert Bivines from Atlanta: The Uber Eats Driver Who Killed a Customer

An Uber Eats customer was killed in a condo after a driver had an argument with him. Ryan Thornton sustained four fatal bullet injuries and was pronounced dead at the hospital. Find out what happened to Robert Bivines from Atlanta, who fled the scene.

For Robert Bivines, it was simply a night to make deliveries, and for Ryan Thornton, a late night snack time. But fateful events led to a murder, and now Robert Bivines, who was arrested previously for another crime, surrendered himself to the officials. Here are all the details you need to know.

What Led To The Fight

Robert Bivines is set to appear in front of a judge for murdering an Uber Eats customer. Ryan Thornton, 30, ordered food on the app late night on February 17, 2018. The driver arrived with the food, but apparently, the delivery was not on time.

This was perhaps the main reason the duo exchanged words, and according to Bivines, Thronton was furious about it.

Bivines walked away from him, but then he saw Thornton reach for his pockets and also heard him cuss. “I’m going to (bleep) you up” was what Thornton was heard saying.

Bivines panicked, and shot Thornton in self-defense, according to the perpetrator’s defense lawyer, Jackie Patterson.

When Patterson was asked why Bivines didn’t avert the situation and get into his car, he replied, “You can’t drive away when someone is coming at you with your window down.”

Ryan Thornton died at the Grady Memorial Hospital, after sustaining fatal wounds in his torso.

Four bullets were fired at Thornton from inside the car, through the passenger side window.

When Was He Arrested?

As Thornton fell, Bivines fled the scene in his white VW car. This is not the first time that Thornton is involved with the law. Back in 2009, he was arrested for battery.

Fulton County jail is where Bivines is behind bars currently, awaiting a date for his hearing.

The murder took place on Pharr Court South at the Concorde condominium complex, where Bivines, 36, went to deliver the food package.

The Uber company has a “no weapons” policy, and Bivines was not supposed to carry a weapon in the car, a resident of the condo where Thornton was shot said.

Uber’s driver screening process says that they check for criminal or other backgrounds and records dating up to seven years, which is why Bivines’ offense went undetected.

“We are shocked and saddened by this senseless act of violence and our hearts go out to (Ryan Thornton’s) friends and family,” Uber Eats stated. “We have been working with the Atlanta Police Department, and the driver can no longer access the app.”

Is Bivines Going to Defend His Actions?

Ryan Thornton was a Morehouse College graduate and had just begun working. After the shooting, Bivines was nowhere to be found, only for him to surrender Monday afternoon.

The murderer turned himself in, and the entire shooting incident was captured in the surveillance cameras.

Morehouse College’s President Dave A. Thomas said, “Ryan was an ambitious student with so much promise. He was well-respected by his peers and highly regarded by his professors. We at Morehouse College will keep Ryan’s family in our thoughts and prayers.”

While the 30-year-old is mourned, Bivines, who will appeal with the self-defense story, will appear at court on Tuesday at 11:00 a.m.