Robert Anthony O’Hare Allegedly Tried to Hire Hit Man to Kill Judge

Robert Anthony O’Hare, who was just sentenced to 20 years for child porn offenses, may have his stay in prison extended for allegedly trying to hire a hit man to kill a judge.

Robert Anthony O’Hare of Mount Dora, Florida was hit with multiple voyeurism and child pornography charges in 2015 and 2016.

O’Hare gave two children miniature jukeboxes as gifts. What the children didn’t know as they set these jukeboxes up in their room was that they contained cameras that O’Hare could activate remotely.

Armed with these toys and a camera of his own with a telescopic lens, O’Hare started recording videos of the children.

When O’Hare was caught, police said they found hundreds of downloaded pornographic videos in his possession, some of which included adults assaulting children.

The trial commenced, O’Hare pleaded no contest, and a sentence was about to be handed down in January 2018. It’s at this point that authorities allege O’Hare tried to get a message to a suspected hit man called “The Rabbi.”

Robert Anthony O’Hare’s Alleged Plot

According to Florida sheriffs, O’Hare contacted his mother using a prison phone on January 7, the day before Judge Don F. Briggs sentenced him to 20 years in the child porn case.

Allegedly using a coded message that meant “kill Briggs,” it’s believed that O’Hare asked his mother to contact The Rabbi, Albert Bowman, 75. O’Hare was charged with solicitation to commit murder on January 29.

O’Hare’s mother and Bowman say the attempted-murder-for-hire allegation is nonsense.

O’Hare’s mother told the Orlando Sentinel that she never gave Bowman a message and two never met to discuss the matter.

Bowman also contends that there was no murder plot and he never received any money. He argues he would be a terrible choice for a hit man.

Bowman told The Associated Press: “I’m 75 years old, blind in one eye, and have a cataract in the other. I don’t think I’d hire me as a killer.”

Robert Anthony O’Hare’s mother claims the police are out to get her son. “These are absolutely bogus charges,” she said. “My son never, ever in a million years would do something like that.”

O’Hare’s mother claims he pleaded no contest in the child porn case so he could appeal.